Our mission

For Our Children Foundation is a successor to the British organization for protecting children’s rights “EveryChild” and has been working in Bulgaria since 1992. For Our Children is the first Bulgarian non-government organization that introduces foster care as early as 1997. Today we are working to make sure no Bulgarian child spends the first years of their life in the isolation of the institutions but lives safe and loved in a family.


We aim to provide the highest level of support for the babies, children and young people who are at most risk in our communities. We work closely with families, extended families, foster carers and healthcare professionals to ensure that every child has the best chance.

Our vision:

We want every vulnerable child in Bulgaria to experience a safe and happy childhood and to look forward to a bright future.


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Mr. Peyo Filipov


Peyo Filipov is born on 18-th of August in the town of Velingrad. He has graduated in the Instrumental Department of the Musical Academy and he is a professional trumpeter. He worked almost four years in the TV show “You have a mail” in the national television “NOVA”. At the moment he is an owner and a manager of the popular piano bar “Camino” in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. He is married and has two children. At his spare time he... »
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