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For Our Children Foundation is a Bulgarian non-government organization which has been supporting the vulnerable children and their families since 1992. For Our Children is an inheritor of the British human rights organizations European Children’s Trust, Christian Children’s Fund and Every Child. With its international experience and qualified expertise, the organization applies for the first time at national level the support for parents for prevention of children abandonment, foster care and creates the first municipal teams of social workers for child protection. For 25 years now, For Our Children Foundation has been a standard for qualified social work, works for its integration in the state policy for child protection and for the increase of the system’s capacity.

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Every year, more than 1000 children are abandoned by their parents, most of them at the maternity ward. Their childhood starts in a social institution or separated from their parents and are brought up by strangers.

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The solution

The active social work, psychological support and mobilization of different specialists around a child are the main factors, which help for coping with the situation of vulnerability and the hardship in the life of a family.

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Today we said “Farewell” to another sunny child

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There is no bigger happiness than nestling in the arms of Mom and Dad and the three of you together to return home … as a family.   This dream finally came true for little Moni – the beautiful, sunny, blond-haired boy, to whom we said farewell today as we lead him out of the Children’s House to his biological Mom and Dad. Vassilena and Kiril have been working for a long time to take their child back home, where the three of them together will be a real family. And today this finally happened.   Moni was accommodated with us at the end of last year when he was 1 year old. For his fragile age, the little one had already gone through many trials – separated from his biological mom and dad at the age of only 4 months, Moni was placed in a Home for Medical and Social Care, where he spent quite a few months alone. From there, the Child Protection Department moved him to our “Children’s House”, where he would be cared for by loving babysitters – so Moni would not forget what it’s like to have a real family love you.   So, for a few months, we turned the sad, weak, sick boy, who rarely smiled, into a sunny kid with blush cheeks, curious eyes and a lovely smile. Just recently he learned to walk, and we organized for him and a first steps ritual.   During this time, Moni’s mom and dad dreamed of the day they could bring their child back home. They started working with the Community Support Center in their hometown, where specialists supported and advised on how to best look after Moni. When the blonde came to us, they began to visit him every week, play with him, even turn to our Community Support Center “St. Sofia” for assistance – they wanted to know more about caring for their most precious.   And before we would notice, came the day when the three of them left the Children’s House together, as a happy, cohesive family.   Since the establishment of the Family-type Accommodation Center “Children’s House” five years ago, it has been a temporary home to 40 children, 36 of whom already have their own family. Thanks to the range of complementary, quality social services for children and families offered by the “For Our Children” Foundation, the average stay of children in the Children’s House is between 4 and 6 months, and then they either return to their biological family, or are adopted or accommodated in a foster…

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Today the Children’s House of “For Our Children” Foundation sent another child to his new family

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Marty, or as we all told him – Puhancho, left today with his new mom and dad after spending almost a year at the Children’s House of the For Our Children Foundation.   He came to us when he was only two months old, abandoned and rejected by his biological family. His mother escaped from the maternity ward hours after giving birth, left the country and never sought him again. Born on February 14th, Marty was not meant to be loved and protected in the first moments of his life. Instead, he was alone, in the hospital bed, under the heavy fluorescent light, with no path or direction, until the Child Protection Department accommodated him in the family environment of our Children’s Home to wait for his new mom and dad in the company of five other babies without parents.   We loved Puhancho instantly – and it could not be otherwise. He had chubby cheeks and big captivating eyes and we could not help falling in love. And what an appetite he had – we would feel hungry just watching him eat. When he grew up, his favorites were the sweet temptations – purees and juices, and delicious homemade Easter bread. While he was living with us, his first teeth came out, he said his first words, celebrated his first birthday and his first Christmas, and almost started walking.   Today we said “Goodbye” to the handsome boy, to his infectious laughter and sunny smile, but we know that it is time for him to bring joy to his real family, which will give him a lot of love and support in return. Traditionally, Marty’s family brought a ritual bread and gifted us with a wonderful icon to protect every child who is about to find a temporary home in our House….

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How a foster parent rewrote 6 children’s stories …

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Yet another 3-month old doll will no longer sleep alone in the tiny hospital bed and will enjoy the love and care of a family. Little Elena found her home in the family of Daniela Velikova, who is committed to her mission to be a parent to the most fragile – the newborn and the children up to 3 years of age. She decides to devote her time and her life to the children without parents four years ago, and since then she has given a chance to a new start to six girls, four of whom already have their own family and one has returned to live with her biological family. Today they dream, play, know how to draw a happy family. They know what love is.   For Elena, Daniela says she is a tiny star, radiant and gentle. “Her eyes shine every time I hug her. That’s why I call her my star, “she says.   Foster care is a calling for Daniela. She writes poetry but her most inspiring works are written in invisible ink – she has rewritten the stories of Maria, Kalina, Radi and Lina, Nevena, and now Elena. Their smiles are her inspiration and Daniela’s enthusiastic parents and daughter are her support. The prince in this women’s kingdom is Daniela’s grandson, who is just another jewel in the beautiful collection, along with the other foster children. She devotes all her attention and care, so they can grow happy, loved and have a precious childhood.   “Although I experience the separation from the children extremely hard every time, I know that we and our feelings are not important. They are important. It is important for children to receive the care they deserve and the love to give them wings,” says Daniela. Just for the first 2 weeks of March, the foster care center of the “For Our Children” Foundation gave a chance for a family to four babies, who settled in loving foster families. They will never feel the isolation and loneliness of the institution but will be loved and protected by their foster parents, expecting their permanent…

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