11 Families are One Step Closer to Becoming Parents

By 04.06.2020News

Our two online courses for adoptive applicants have successfully ended. 11 families trusted our specialists and are one step closer to becoming parents.


The courses were taught by our Family Consultant Petia Yanachkova at Community Support Centre “St. Sofia”, and Maria Urilska, “Social and Integrated Services” expert and Margarita Cherneva, social worker at Community Support Center “For Children and Parents”. They presented and discussed with the future parents the topics related to the administrative and legal framework of adoption, the adaptation of the child to the family, how to talk about adoption, attachment and how to stimulate it, the stages of development of the child, the consequences of institutionalization and others. Our specialists created enough opportunities for dialogue, the discussion of issues from real life and work on concrete tasks.


The in-person meetings were valuable for both sides

Despite the fact that the course once again took place online, due to the pandemic, the sessions were very interactive and interesting. The adoptive applicants had the chance to meet a realized adoptive parent – who were also trained through our courses, and who went through the entire adoption procedure. She shared her valuable experience and answered all the asked questions.


Without a doubt, the most exciting moment was the real meeting between our specialists and the adoptive applicants attending the course. The meeting became possible due to the end of the state of emergency and the relief of some of the restrictive measures. The meetings – in person with the families in Plovdiv and a group one with the families in Sofia, happened while the protective measures were strictly adhered to, and proved that the conversations in person are very important and valuable for both sides.


After the course had ended the adoptive applicant families shared their impressions about it.


“The course not only answered all my expectations but I can confidently say that I learned, understood and remained very impressed by all the advice, explanations and approaches to children. People learn during their entire life, and it is never late to learn from someone who has experienced, who has fought to live the way they do now.”


“I liked the approach of the course that was organized by you. The discussions on different topics and situations. Things that we had never thought of or we had never imagined they could be a topic of discussion.”

Adoptive-applicant family from Plovdiv


“Something that we learned and gives us confidence that we are better prepared, is that it is normal to meet challenges during the fine process of widening the family through adopting a child – but through thinking, love, patience, unhurried reactions and work from the side of the parent, challenges will be overcome over time.”

Adoptive applicant from Sofia


Watch what Vera Pavlova shares about the challenges associated with adopting a child, the steps towards him or her, and the support from the Foundation’s specialists on the difficult road to becoming a mother.