1400 children and parents trusted For Our Children Foundation in 2019

By 15.01.2020News

Over 1400 children, parents, and specialists were supported by For Our Children Foundation in 2019 while we were advancing in completing our mission for a happy childhood for every child. In 2019 we continued to work towards “family for every child”.


1181 children and families used the services and expertise that we provide at the community centers “St. Sofia” in Sofia and “For Children and Parents” in Plovdiv, in the Foster Care Centre and the Family Type Placement Centre “Children’s House”.


Through the “Family Support for Secure Care and Risk Prevention” Program, our colleagues worked with 342 children and their families.

As a result of our specialists’ work in 6 maternity wards in 6 hospitals, 30 children at risk of abandonment remained in their families in order to grow up surrounded by the love and attention of their mother and father. This is possible because of our partnership with several hospitals in Sofia and Plovdiv.


With our support, 17 children were reintegrated into their biological families.


“I stayed awake all night next to Maria’s bed and could not stop crying happily because my little child was finally with me! Thank you for everything you did for us! We would not have overcome the situation without you!” – a mother whose child was reintegrated into her biological family thanks to the support from the social worker (find our more in the VIDEO (in Bulgarian)).


Through our Early Childhood Development Program, our psychologists and social workers supported 109 children with developmental difficulties and their parents, so they can progress and succeed just like the other children their age, and their parents would be able meet their specific needs. This Program is now available to children in nurseries, health institutions, foster families and public care.


My child’s activities at For Our Children Foundation’ helped him adapt more quickly to an unknown environment. In the beginning, he was more unstable, the way he walked was unstable, he used to stumble and fall very often. Today he is walking more confidently, he is more stable. Thanks to your support my son is now a student at first grade” – a mother whose child we work with within the Early Childhood Development Program (learn more in the VIDEO (in Bulgarian)).


Our specialists’ support was key for the process of meeting the challenges of difficult behavior, addictions, mental illnesses, violence, and other family difficulties. 5 children received support in their extended families; 15 adopted children and their families, 16 children victims of violence, 6 children at risk of falling out of school, 9 children with difficult behavior.


With our support, 50 children devoid of parental care grow up surrounded by love and attention in 43 foster families – the best alternative until a permanent solution is found for them.


11 are the youngest children that we looked after in our Children’s House.

Seven of them now live in a family- two of them went back to their biological families thanks to the support their mothers and fathers received from our specialists at the Community Support Centre ‘St. Sofia’, four of them found their real families in the face of their adoptive parents, and one is receiving all the love and care form his/ her, foster parents.


My child is with me thanks to your you and your support. Thank you for everything you did for me and my daughter” – a mother of a child form our Family Home who went back to her biological family (learn more in the VIDEO (in Bulgarian)).


The free of charge Parental Skills courses that we organize continue to mark high levels of interest and attendance, 520 people participated in them in 2019.


115 adoptive applicants trusted our specialists’ professionalism and commitment and acquired the needed knowledge and abilities within the courses organized by us, so they could be prepared and confident when welcoming their child.


We are happy and thankful for the trust and increasing interest in the services and courses that we provide.