1st June with a joyful celebration For Our Children and a new playground

For Our Children Foundation celebrated the National Children’s Day on 1st June with a big ceremony in the sunny yard of “Saint Sofia” Community Support Center. The preparation began early in the morning among colorful balloons and beautiful green scenery. Everyone we work with were there – the children and parents from the Community Support Center, the foster parents and children from the foster care center, and the babies from Children’s House. The deputy minister of labor and social policy Rositza Dimitrova and the deputy minister of education Denitsa Sacheva personally came to congratulate the children on their day. Special guests who attended our event were also Savina Savova, mayor of Vazrajdane region; Mina Yovcheva, Social Activities Directorate director; Kiril Nikolchev, Abbvie Bulgaria executive director, and our partners and donors.


“1st June is the day which makes us confident that we are the people who won’t allow Bulgarian families to fall apart because of poverty or social isolation. We are the people who will help every child, and every different child, receive equal opportunities and realize its full potential. We are the people who believe that foster families are extremely valuable to the Bulgarian society and that every foster family deserves respect and support.
Today we mark the beginning of a change in this part of the capital. Last year when we opened Children’s House, there were 22 children looking at us through the windows of this building. Children whose life was deprived of the love and care of a family.
It was then that our ambitious idea was born. We wanted to give life and hope not only to these children. We wanted to support at least 400 more children. I hope that with your help we will be able to open the new Early Childhood Development Complex here by the end of this year. This will be a place for support, hope and many new dreams to come true,” said Ivanka Shalapatova, the executive director of For Our Children Foundation at the opening of the ceremony.