25 years “For Our Children” foundation

Hundreds of children and parents celebrated together with “For Our Children” foundation its 25th anniversary.



Fun games for children and parents, hundreds of balloons, colorful kites, a unique cake, and delicious ice cream made the celebration at the Sofia South park unforgettable. Boys and girls jumped together with sacks, walked on buckets, competed with inflatable donkeys, painted, and decorated masks and crowns of Indian tribal chiefs enacted the fairy tale “The enormous turnip”. Wonderful Yoanna Dragneva helped the children and they sang and danced together to some of the most famous children’s songs.



Special guests at the celebration were dep. Minister of labor and social policy Rositsa Dimitrova, the British Ambassador Her Excellency Emma Hopkins, the ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus His Excellency Stavros Avgoustides, our friends from the National Network for Children, UNICEF, and many of our partners and donors who have been supporting the cause of the organization for many years. The members of the Board of Trustees and the Consultative Board celebrated with us, had fun and played with the children.



“What brings us joy is not exactly the number of the children. What we actually do we, form “For Our Children” foundation, is one very important investment in the quality of life of these young people. Everything starts from the first year, from early childhood. This is because the foundation continues to work for children to have a strong start since their birth.”, said upon the opening the executive director of “For Our Children” foundation Ivanka Shalapatova, who didn’t hide how proud she was that the foundation is one of the longest active organizations in Bulgaria.



With the help of “For Our Children” foundation and to other organizations in the non-governmental sector, we managed to close all institutions for children with disabilities, greater part of the homes for children deprived of parental care, and homes for medical – social care for children from 0 to 3 in Bulgaria at the end of 2015. We wouldn’t be able to do it without a partner such as “For Our Children” foundation. Continue being so positive, eager, and corrective for the governmental policy. Children and families deserve support.”, said Dep. Minister of Labor and social policy Rositsa Dimitrova.



We ran 25 kites for the 25th anniversary. All of us blew the candles, ate delicious cake, and ran 25 red, green, and yellow balloons, which flew away with our wishes for more smiling and happy children, growing in a safe family environment.

We, from “For Our Children” foundation, want to thank “Maska” Party agency who charged with a positive attitude free of charge as well as our long-standing partners from the firm “Right Rental”.



For the last 25 years we, from “For Our Children” foundation: 



  • supported and gave a chance for a better life to more than 10 000 children and families.
  •  were the first to implement the support of parents aiming at the prevention of abandonment of children at maternity ward level.
  •  first initiated and created the service Foster care.
  • created the first municipal teams of social workers in child protection
  • piloted the first family home for temporary taking care of children who don’t have any other alternative in the cities of Plovdiv and Sofia. We also built own House which gave love and care to nearly 30 children.
  • terminated the need of existing of 3 homes for abandoned babies.

1098 children and families trusted “For Our Children” foundation only in the first 6 months of 2017.



We acquired a lot of experience, invested a lot of energy, saved many children and now we are looking towards the next 25 years during which we will give confidence to many more families and ensure love, development, and care for many more children.