30 years world efforts for achieving happy childhood for every child – the UN convention for children`s rights

By 20.11.2019News

Today we mark 30 years from the day on which the world leaders took the engagement to do everything they can to protect the children`s rights – to live, grow, learn and develop their full potential. The taken on the 20th of November 1989 UN convention for the children`s rights is the most ratified contract in the history of the UN (up to this day it is ratified from 196 countries) and plays main role in the improving of the life of children around the world.


Almost the same age as the UN convention for 28 years “For our children” foundation follows its mission to ensure the development and happy childhood for the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria we continue to widen the range of our activity with new programs and services.


The activity numbers aren`t just a magnificent statistics but human destinies of a rescued childhood with ensured care and love. 1 261 children, parents and specialist have received from the beginning of 2019 support from the experts working in the foundation and the services we provide. As a result, from the successful prevention of the abandoned at a maternity ward this year twenty-seven children stayed in their birth families. Six from the raised in the comfort and warmness of our “Children`s house” eleven children without parents now have their own families – four are adopted, one is in a foster family and one is successfully returned to its biological family.


In the spirit of the Convention for the children`s house that every child has all the rights. From the begging of the year we supported with an individual way eighty nine children with difficulties in the development the access to this service is for free for children in need ,regardless if they are in a kindergarten, health institutions, community care or foster care. So that every child can have a happy childhood.


The experts from the Foster care center in “For our children” foundation actively work with the best alternative for children deprived from parental care – the foster families in which in 2019 are placed fifty children, who have avoided the loneliness and isolation of the life in an institution. Within the program “Family support for reliable care and risk prevention” we supported jointly two hundred and sixty six children and their families form which two hundred and fifteen were children and families in an uneven condition.


We know how important and responsible parental care is. That`s why part of our job is with the parents, especially with those who are parents to be. In 2019 “For our children” foundation we trained over ninety-five candidate foster families.

That’s why the 20th of November is a big holiday for “For our children”`s foundation too.

Happy holiday!