5 Ambassadors of the Good were nominated by For Our Children Foundation this year

By 15.11.2019News

We are introducing you to part of the Ambassadors of the Good in our tireless team. These are the colleagues we nominated for a competition organized by the State Agency for Child Protection, called ‘Ambassador of the Good”, and taking place on 21 November 2019. The initiative is part of the events celebrating the 30th anniversary of the acceptance of the UN Convention on the Rights of Children.


Here are some of the members of our team who change people’s lives on a daily basis and who support and assist children and families in the process of overcoming the difficulties and the challenges that they face.


Vyara Panayotova


Vyara Panayotova is an Early Childhood Development Expert in our foundation. She was nominated for the exceptional professionalism that she demonstrates in her work. We recently made you part of a story from her work. You can find it HERE. In her work with Yana and Todor, Vyara provided important emotional help as well as recommendations about how they can improve their parenting skills and the ways they respond to their children’s needs.





Katerina Kovacheva

Katerina Kovacheva is a psychologist at For Our Children Foundation. She has a lot of experience working with complex cases as well as with adoptive families. She was nominated to be ‘Ambassador of the Good’ for the key role that her support has on the children and families that we support on their way to overcoming the challenges and difficulties they face. You can find a story from her work HERE.






Petya Yanachkova

Petya Yanachkova is a family consultant at the Community Support Centre ‘St. Sofia’. The many years of professional experience that she has, contribute to the success of the cases that she works on. Petya was nominated for the competition for her supportive work towards reuniting a child with his father. After long months of efforts, she helped for the resolving of a Judicial error and the story ended happily.







Margarita Cherneva

Margarita Cherneva is a social worker at Community Support Centre ‘For Children and Parents’. Margarita was nominated for the exceptional support that she provides to the parents that she works with. While establishing relationships of trust, she contributes to the development and improvements in the parental skills of the people who seek her support.







Raya Tsvetanova

Raya Tsvetanova is an Early Intervention Specialist and she finds fulfillment while supporting the youngest children that we work with. Raya was nominated for the exceptional improvement that the children she assists, mark while working with her. You can find a story from her work HERE.








We wish For Our Children’s Foundation’s Ambassadors of the Good best of luck in their professional careers!

The ceremony will take place on 21 November at the National Palace of Culture, Hall 1. It will end with the embedment of ‘’Capsule of the Good’’ which contains a message for the future generations, and which will be open again in 2030.