A coordination program in support of children with complex needs was presented in Plovdiv

A program for coordination between the social, health and educational spheres, in support of children with complex needs, was established in partnership between the For Our Children Foundation and 8 municipalities in the Plovdiv district. The Foundation initiated a series of meetings to present the program among key organizations and specialists in the municipalities of Plovdiv, Sadovo, Kuklen, Stamboliyski, Rodopi, Maritsa, Perushtitsa and Asenovgrad, and the first meeting included representatives of municipal administrations, local organizations and the Regional Center. to support the process of inclusive education – Plovdiv.


The program was created by an organized working group with representatives of various sectors from 8 municipalities in the ministry – directors of kindergartens, managers and specialists from centers for social services, doctors, as well as representatives of the For Our Children Foundation, who took the lead in this moment process.


The main test for experience is achieved on an integrated approach to creating services for children and families in Plovdiv, choosing a coordinate between the system (health, social and educational), such as piloting sustainable models of interaction and complex company of people in risk and love family. They program formulated clear mechanisms for coordination between the different to ensure interaction between work and achieve consensus for the most successful formation of coordination between specialized employees in direct work with children and family data from existing groups.


Coordination mechanisms are planned, on the one hand at the municipal level, where the services are closest to the users and on the other hand – at the district level, taking into account the need to increase the access of isolated communities to support opportunities, raising awareness of the various services and the relationship between them. It is envisaged that a single coordination center will be established, as well as that coordinators will be appointed in each of the 8 municipalities covered by the program, which will start the implementation of the program on the ground.



The project “Initiative for Development and Social Including – for our children” is funded by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union.