A Mother Found Love in the Right Moment

By 13.03.2020Blog

I met Aleksandrina more than 9 months ago when she came to the Community Support Center “St. Sofia”, worried because she had lost faith that she would be able to take care of her child. She was hoping that we would be able to help her overcome the difficulties.


She met Georgi, her child’s father, a year ago in a beautiful Bulgarian city where she grew up. They fell in love and started living together. Soon, they found out that they are expecting a baby. Instead of being happy, the father made the decision to break up with her. The pregnant Alexandrina remained on her own, without any support from relatives or friends, afraid that she will not be able to take care of her child.


After long hours of thinking and hesitating she shared with her sister Nadezhda who immediately accepted the pregnant woman in her home in Sofia. She encouraged Alexandrina to give birth and fight to take care of her child – the little Emo.


Even though she had home and support from her sister, it was difficult for her to ensure the needed things for the child without having a job. She kept worrying, felt insecure and hesitated if she will be a good parent. Her sister advised her to seek our help.


We started working with Alexandrina in November last year. She was scared, insecure and really worried, she was afraid of sharing information about herself. I explained to her the ways in which we were able to support her. Together we prepared support plans for the little Emo, and her. Gradually, after several conversations, I managed to win her trust. Since then we meet almost every week and we talk about different topics. I consult her regarding the care about Emo. She slowly started to share her worries and the difficulties that she meets, and we started addressing them, so she could feel calmer. Alexandrina comes to the meetings more smiley and confident. She also started paying more attention to herself.


She realizes very well the child’s need for a secure mother figure, and the importance that the mother’s love has for his development. She recently shared that she discovered a relationship between hers and her child’s emotions – whenever she is calm, the child is calm. And Emo- he is a charming and smiling child. He started pronouncing his first words like ma-ma, pa-pa, da, he attempts to walk as well.


In addition to the strong emotional support, we provided Alexandrina with a buggy as well. Now she uses it to take Emo for a walk, whereas previously she used a baby kangaroo.


Gabriela Todorova

Gabriela Todorova, social worker

We support the 9-monhs-old Emil with adapted milk, baby cosmetics, purees and toys that help his development. Thanks to our donators from Pampers and Kaufland, we provide him with diapers, so that he has dry and comfortable nights.


Today, after 5 months of cooperative work, Alexandrina began our meeting with words that expressed her thankfulness for the help that she received from us. “Thanks to you, today, I am admiring my child, I am calmer and more confident that together we will overcome all the challenges. I had never believed that organizations and people like you exist”-she shared with me. Those words give me even stronger motivation and confidence that my profession of a social worker is a vocation, that it is more that consulting – it is the light of hope in someone’s destiny.




Gabriela Todorova,

Social worker

Community Support Center “St. Sofia”