A Piece of Hope

By 02.05.2020Blog

Annie is a 26-years-old girl who looks after her 5 children all on her own. She gives birth to her first child when she is underage and a child herself. While taking care of Lillie, Rosen, Elena, Dimitar, and Catherina she cannot rely on their father, because he left them to live in a small house where there is no running water, kitchen, or even a fridge. The family’s situation is very difficult but regardless of the bad domestic conditions, the young mother tries to care for her children as much as she can. She often finds it difficult to ensure even the most needed things such as food and clothes.


Annie has never worked. She cannot read or write. She cannot rely on her parents’ support as they have been living abroad for many years. Sometimes the grandmother of the children on their father’s side – Dafinka- helps her with the care about them.


Even though the oldest child Lillie is already 7 years old, and the 6-years-old Rosen can be visiting the nursery, the two children do not go to school, as Annie does not have the financial ability for this to happen.


The feeling of hopelessness is increasing every day also because she cannot provide appropriate food for her youngest child – Catherina. Yogurt is the only food that she can afford to feed the child with.


The bad domestic conditions, the lack of security, and her inability to provide food for the little Catherina additionally increase Annie’s desperation. She is confused, doesn’t know what to do, or where to seek help from.


Right at that moment, something sparkles the young mother’s hope.


The health mediator who helps Annie to take her children to their GP reaches out to the Community Support Center “For Children and Parents” in Plovdiv. She tells our social worker Maria Urilska about the difficult situation of the family. She immediately visits the home of the young mother and speaks to her, as well as to her neighbors. She assesses the situation, the children’s needs, and develops a Support Plan.


Maria Urilska, Social and Integrated Services Expert

During the following months the team of the Community Support Center remains right next to Annie. During the weekly visits, Maria helps her to take better care of Catherina, and to overcome the feeling of complete helplessness. She also helps her to fill the documents regarding a single social benefit for children who start school. Thus, Lillie and Rosen start going to school.


With the support of the Community Support Center, medication for the little Catherina was bought, as well as school notebooks, clothes, and shoes for all children.


Despite the fact that the family still faces many challenges, Annie is now more confident, and less scared. She knows that she can rely on Maria Urilska’s support.


The help from For Our Children Foundation’s team gives to the young mother courage that she can overcome the challenges.


The state of emergency and social isolation worsened Annie’s situation. Due to no access to the Internet and devices, the two children interrupted their education. They face challenges when it comes to food as well.


Them, alongside 11 other families in Plovdiv, Community Support Center “For Children and Parents” supported the most needed food products for the families.


In order to continue helping those families, we need your support too.


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