A Prop at “Children’s House”

By 14.09.2018Blog

Architect, journalist or just a rich princess…


These three fields are the ones in which the little Marielka from Family Type Placement Center “Children’s House” will be developing in. This is what her prop from yesterday showed and later it turned into a real children’s party, with many presents, sweets, and music.

Marielka is the oldest in the House and came to us immediately after her birth, just a few days old. Even though she doesn’t have a mother and a father, we gave her the love and safety every baby needs. Thanks to our babysitters, who take constant care for every baby in the House, today Marielka and the rest of the 5 kids are developing normally, smile and grow up happy.


Just recently we also celebrated the first birthday of our little pearl, we took a lot of photos which we put into a small album so that her future mom and dad to keep the memories from her first real home, with her first real family.
The rituals, holidays, and traditions are an important part of everyone’s life, giving him those special moments which accompany him through his life path, since early childhood. And those moments can happen only thanks to his closest people – our relatives and family. The team of “For Our Children” foundation makes everything possible for the children at “Children’s Hose” to live those special moments. We bake bread, gather things, name them, name the best to the child on this day.


Everyone can help us to continue to be the fairy godmothers and to create these moments for our children. See how HERE.