A story about the good that changes faiths

By 28.12.2018Blog

People say that good things happen when you least expect them. This is the experience of a foster parent who has been looking for a miracle her entire life. And found it after many of years. In the newspaper.



Margarita Taneva is a woman with great life experience. At the age of 57, Margarita has a daughter, a grandson, had a happy marriage which ended too early with the death of her husband. For Margarita, this was the hardest moment, a moment which she didn’t know how to go through.


Year after year the woman carried this burden inside of her but everyday fought for her daughter, who at the time was 4 years old, not to feel her father’s loss. She fought to move on, and as usual, to bring to the world and to the people around her kindness and miracles.


“I have always felt the inner need to help people, to do something good, no matter how small it is, for them,” she said.


And one day, after years of searching for that good which would help her overcome the sadness, she came across an article. In a newspaper.


“We are looking for foster parents,” was the headline of the article from 2015, remembered Margarita.
She started reading. The article, however, didn’t give enough information. She searched the Internet for “Foster care” and clicked the first link which appeared.


“It was the website of “For Our Children” foundation.”


She read some more. She called the foundation. They told her about it. She found out what “foster care” actually was and what were these people who are parents but temporary. She found out that she could help children, left without their own family, children who, without foster parents, are doomed to a life at a social home…

“And we all know what that means.”


The application


She applied. She went through a 6-month training during which Margarita understood what awaits her if she becomes a foster parent. She met active foster parents with the help of the foundation. They told her about all those hidden moments of real happiness which children give them. Happiness which didn’t have an equivalent. They also told her about the hardest moments – the coming of every new child… and the separation from him/her.


Her daughter and her friends were mostly afraid of the moments of separation, many times they asked her how was she going to go through them. To this question, she responded that when you take care of a child, even for a short period of time, with the understanding that you are doing this for her or his sake, you have to neglect your feelings. You have to learn to love another human being, to give him/her all your love, with the clear understanding that he/she will not remember you and most probably will never find out about you. But a part of you will always live in him/her.


“The emotional preparation begins from the application. Even then you have to be aware that you have to take care of this child, to give him/her everything he/she needs, knowing that one day you will separate from him/her. Because he/she will find his/her own family, and the job of the foster parent is to give him/her all the love which he/she is supposed to receive from the family until he/she finds it,” she shared.



The moment


After she went through an assessment, in the middle of 2016 Margarita was approved for a professional foster parent of newborns and babies until the age of 6 months.


She chose to take care of babies because she believes that if an abandoned child gets the chance to live in a family from the first day of his/her life, then his/her adaptation will be easier later and will be adopted much faster.


Her theory is justified – for the past 2 years she took care of 3 children and all of them were adopted before they turn 1. And even though it is hard for her to separate with the children every time, Margarita accepts her professional path not as a job but as a mission which changes people’s faiths. And doesn’t give up.


“To be a foster parent is something which changes your own faith as well – I feel satisfaction which I cannot describe, not with words.”


With foster care, Margarita found that good. Which she has been looking for for a long time.


And this good she will continue to give to the most vulnerable human beings so that they feel loved, protected and find their family.


And around the Christmas holidays, Margarita feels even happier for choosing this path. Because together with her daughter, her grandson, and the little Yolina, whom she takes care of now, they will have the most magical Christmas. A Christmas, which Yolina would not have otherwise.