A Story About the Strength of a Mother’s Love

By 22.11.2019Blog

This is a story that made me believe in the strength of a mother’s love. As a social worker, I am happy that I was part of the process of saving a child’s childhood and one more child lives surrounded by the love of her mother and her family.


My work at the Foundation introduced me to Radina, a mother of two wonderful children.

I met Radina and her father at the Maternity Ward after she had given birth to her third child- a girl. However, instead of joy and happiness, there was worry, fear, and powerlessness on her face and her eyes were full of tears. Pressured from complicated life circumstances as well as from the uneasy destiny of being deaf-mute, left alone without the support of her husband, Radina was considering leaving her newborn child.


She used to live in Turkey together with her husband and their two children. The relationship between the two partners was not good and it was progressively getting worse. The daily psychological and physical abuse coming from her husband turned her life into a real nightmare and she was forced to leave her home and return to Bulgaria without the most valuable thing for- her children.


It did not take long time until her husband came to Bulgaria as well. They tried to improve their relationship but instead, it worsened even more. As a result, Radina was left alone, pregnant with their third child, confused and in a very difficult situation. Her desperation was increasing and therefore she decided to seek her father’s help.


After series of challenges, she met her father- in advanced pregnancy, ashamed, lonely and crying. At first, his daughter’s situation shocked him and made him angry. Despite the strong relationship between them, he felt completely powerless and unable to help her. When the time for giving birth approached, he was certain that he could not support her in raising her third child. Therefore, she told the Senior Nurse at the Maternity Ward and she sought our help.


I will never forget the hope in Radina’s eyes during our first meeting and the love in her eyes while looking at her newborn child.


Margarita Cherneva

Margarita Cherneva, social worker

My long professional experience and my meetings with different people’s destinies taught me that the most important thing at such moments is that Radina will start believing in herself and her abilities to raise the child and that the decision to leave her daughter is not the only possible way out of the difficult situation.


During the first few days, we surrounded Radina with attention, care, and support. We succeeded in winning hers and her father’s trust. Together with the social worker, we had several very difficult conversations with him when we tried to encourage him to become more confident so he can believe in himself and his daughter. Gradually our efforts led to a result and together with him, we met his granddaughter in the Maternity Ward.


The meeting between the little girl and her grandfather was marked by tears and happiness at the same time. The grandfather took the little miracle in his arms while his daughter stared at him silently, with a face full of hope and expectation for support from the person who had never betrayed her. Then the grandfather of the newborn child said with a trembling voice that they would never leave her.


The result from the continuous teamwork ensured support and safety for a family in a difficult situation.


Today Radina’s child is a little princess who grows happy and surrounded by love and care. Mum, dad and her brothers are happy that they had overcome the difficult moments and are now together.


Margarita Cherneva,

social worker

in Community Support Center “For Children and Parents