Adoption – the long way home

By 28.02.2019Blog

The Adoption of Martina from the “Family House”

You know when we are looking forward for something to happen, it is slowing down.. When we are waiting for our favorite person to come back from a long trip – we are sitting by the window and waiting – minute after minute, with each inhalation, we take another dose of impatience.. and that’s how it is until the craving moment comes.


It’s the same feeling with children. First, you ask yourself if you can handle it, then you wonder when to start “trying”, then “why is it not happening”, and you wonder, and wonder, and wonder. Asking and wondering are transforming into a dream – “when will I FINALLY have a child”. Why is it taking so long..


That’s how it is with the characters of our story today. Mariya and her husband Asen have gone through the whole process – wondering, asking, negotiating of the requests.. waiting. Until today. Today their waiting is over. Their dream came true. And her name is Martina.


Martina was special even before her birth. Her biological mother didn’t realize she was expecting her until the 5th month –she had no symptoms like when she was pregnant with her other two children.


She abandoned her child immediately after birth. The reason – the poverty they live in, with which so many families struggle.


Martina? It’s been one year since Martina came in our Family Type Placement Center “Family House”. We welcomed her with a lot of love and celebrated together her first birthday – we were happy when she made her first steps. We loved her, hugged her, took care of her just as her real family would. Together we were waiting the day when her mother and father would come to hug her. And would never let her go.


With a brisk breath, we met Mariya and Asen at the end of the last year – are they going to be the ones.. or we will wait a little bit longer..


They are.


Martina is highly desired from her adopters. Like a real “mistress”, she took their hearts from the first moment – after all, that’s what her name means. For Mariya and Asen, Martina is special – not only because she is beautiful, little and a capricious lady. It’s because she made their purest dream come true.


The long journey is over. For the three of them. They went home.