After his first steps, today Bogdan choose to be a scientist

By 18.07.2019News

With a traditional celebration today we marked the first steps of one of our favorites – Bogdan. An amazing youngster, born one year and eight months ago, today without hesitation took a pen among the many interesting objects and symbolically stated his dream to be a scientist.


Bogdan spent the first three months from his life in the compartment for premature babies and was abandoned from his mother in the maternity hospital. For him to find love and warmth in the family of his foster mother Galina Angelova.  Bogdan need special care and attention because he was born with umbilical cord coiled around his foot and with real danger because of the possible need of amputation the leg. A fight begins in order for the pinched nerve to be recovered – procedures and physiotherapy.  The result – the baby`s leg is saved.


The care continues because Bogdan needs extra care and stimulation for his development. From March this year the specialist from Yearly Childhood Intervention Raya Tsvetanova started working with Bogdan in our Community Support Centre. Every week with different methods and techniques she stimulates the child`s motive development and trains the foster mother in order for her to able by herself to support Bogdan`s development.


The award for their effort didn`t wait – a week ago the child started walking and today he symbolically choose his future profession – a scientist and brought joy to his foster mother Galya, who personally kneaded the bread for his celebration.


Of course, above all Bogdan is awaits a family to adopt him and give him love, warmth, safety and the certainty that they are mom and dad.