An Online Course for Adoptive Applicants at our Community Support Centre

By 06.05.2020News

Margarita Halachliyska, a psychologist

Due to the state of emergency, our previous course for adoptive applicants was held entirely online. The facilitator of the course was Margarita Halachliyska – a psychologist. The co-facilitator was Vyara Panayotova, Senior Social Activities specialists. The online course was very interactive and interesting for all adoptive applicants. We had group discussions, we worked on case studies and tasks, we projected films and video materials on the topics. The participants had very positive feedback, and were pleased, despite the different type of course that took place.


The course of For Our Children Foundation is developed in a way that includes the approved by the Agency for Social Support topics that families need to be prepared and informed about before they are approved and registered within the national register for adoptive applicants. Moreover, the course is awarded due to the long practice and expertise of the Foundation within the adoption topic. The whole course was divided into 7 days, and all participating families were truly pleased with.


Here is the feedback we received from one of the families.



We are R. family and we want to thank you from our hearts. We are thankful to you from the Community Support Center “St. Sofia”. Vyara Panayotova and Margarita Halachliyska responded to our need for support. We are adoptive applicants regardless of the state of emergency. We truly believe and hope that we will be a happy family and have a house full of children. For Our Children Foundation, and especially Community Support Center “St. Sofia” gave us the chance for this to happen more quickly despite the emergency measures in the country.


The course includes theory, discussions, films, homework, and everything needed so that we can feel prepared or at least informed about the situations that await us. Thanks to the professionalism and regardless the non-standard format of the course, Vyara and Margarita developed a really good relationship with the adoptive applicants, which was helpful to us, and for which we thank them and the entire team.


Thank you from our hearts!


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