Anjelina Dencheva: for the children`s creativity with a cause

By 11.12.2019News

Anjelina Dencheva is only 10 years old but has already published her first book. The little author chose the cause of  “For our children”` foundation and all income from the sale of the book “Polya`s adventures” will be donated in support of children and their families with which the foundation works.


Learn more about Anji and about what inspires her.


Anji tell us more about yourself.


My name is Anjelina and I`m ten years old from Sofia. In my free time I sing and I play the piano. From one year I take part in children`s performances in the National Opera. I also really like to do sports – my favorites are basketball, football and ski.

Do you remember the first book you read and did your love for books begin with it?


“The tree pigs” but even before that I really wanted to deal with books and read. As my grandmother used to say, the books open the eyes to the world.


How was the idea for “Polya`s adventures” born?


In the beginning it wasn`t supposed to be a book, but a story created for my own pleasure. But as the story went by it kind of developed itself.  My teacher – Blaga Ignatova – saw during the break I was writing and asked what is this then she read it to my classmates who – surprisingly for me – liked it. Then it came to me that it could be published as a book – a dream of mine which came true in time for my 10th  birthday.

Why did you decide to dedicate the book to the children which the “For our children” foundation supports?


Because I want all kids to be happy, to be surrounded by good and to believe they can accomplish everything.


What do you want to wish to the people, who are going to buy your book?


I hope they like it, read it with their children, be healthy, good and joyful.


You can buy the book “Polya`s adventures” HERE.


Don`t miss to be present at the presenting of the book at the Book Fair at the National Palace of Culture on the 14th of December from 12 o`clock. (the stage is on the 4th floor)