Another baby and his family were supported by the Foundation

By 05.09.2019News

Today little Zvezdi, who we support through the program “Preventing separation – family support for secure care”, received an amazing gift – a beautiful box full of surprises such as clothes, textile for sun and bath, accessories and cosmetics. The gift – surprise for the family is Tsuky Baby Box.  It is created to make the preparation for welcoming the baby easier and to bring the mother the calmness that she has everything necessary to take care of her baby at home.


When a family can`t meet the necessities of their child in support of the parents a social worker from the Foundation, who is preparing the parents to look after their child comes along. We assure the so called package for a newborn which includes a bath tube a one-time diapers, accessories and cosmetics, a blanket, a towel and a kit for discharge. We recently expended this service after one of our friends decided to introduce to us Tsuky Baby Box so that Zvezdi and his parents can be supported by the Foundation.


Zvezdi is the 4th child of Ani and Velko. Velko works abroad so he can help his family and Ani is looking after the kids by herself.  Zvezdi is a month and a half old and Velko and Ani have two other girls – one 8 and one 6 years old and one boy who is 5. They were all surprised and impressed by their little brother`s gift. With the help of the leading the case social worker – Stela Aleksandrova, Ani  placed little Zvezdi in the box and he immediately fell asleep. In the family`s home there isn`t enough space for a crib and the Tsuky Baby Box is the perfect replacement because it allows the baby to sleep peacefully in it during his first months.