Art workshops and outdoor picnic for children at risk of social exclusion, organizes foundation “For Our Children” in three villages in Plovdiv municipality

By 18.06.2020News

14 children from оf Manole village, which is situated in Plovdiv municipality, at aged from the first to the fourth grade, took part in the art workshop “Weaving on a loom”, which our team in Plovdiv organized. The children became acquainted with the technique of weaving a loom, and with the materials that we provided them each of them weave their own carpet. Creative activities provoked great interest in children, most of whom saw for the first time how they became acquainted with the technique of carpet weaving. The children showed a lot of tenacity and enthusiasm in making their colorful rugs and even asked for additional materials for work at home.


Their peers from the village of Stroevo, on the other hand, really had fun during the sports games and competitions that we had prepared in the framework of the outdoor picnic we held in the yard of “Hristo Smirenski” Primary School. The day passed with many smiles, emotions and cheerful games. Our specialist in Early Childhood Development Mariana Rancheva had prepared many surprises and challenges that entertained the children, but also stimulated their imagination and creativity.


At the end of the day, in order to restore their strength, all the children received a delicious treat and another creative challenge – each to decorate their own sandwich.


In June our team organized special activities for children at risk of social exclusion in three Plovdiv municipalities – the village of Manole and Stroevo in the municipality of Maritsa, and novo selo (Stamboliyski municipality).



The developed and socializing activities are carried out within the framework of the project “Initiative for social inclusion of our children” and aim to provide different opportunities and forms for socialization of children at risk of social exclusion, as well as to stimulate the development of their motor and communication skills.


Children at risk are often excluded from various forms of socialization available to other children, which negatively affects their development and educational achievements, and in the longer term on their overall social and work realization as adults. With the implementation of the project “Development and Social Inclusion Initiative – for our children”, we set ourselves the ambitious task of meeting the shortage of services for quality and complex support of children and families at risk of social exclusion on the territory of 8 Plovdiv municipalities (Plovdiv, Maritsa, Sadovo, Kuklen, Rodopi, Perushtitsa, Stamboliyski and Asenovgrad). The aim is to improve the system of services for active social inclusion of children at risk and their families by developing integrated and coordinated cross-sectoral services.