Boyan – the little hero, who didn`t give up searching for his family

By 10.10.2019Blog

Bpyan and his famly were present at the Evening of Virtues.

Boyan is one of the children whose story was told in an extraordinary emotional way by Boiko Krastanaov and Daria Simeonova during the Evening of Virtues 2019. The story of Boyan and his adopters, who were in the hall, excited the guests of the Evening. He is one of the children to who our colleagues in our “Children`s house” donate all of their love, care and attention so that they can grow calmly and loved until they find their real families.

We leave you with his story.




My name is Boyan and I was born one cold day in the end of November. I would like to tell you my story. It`s not very long so I hope I won`t bore you. It can make you think about how important family is…


My mother was only 16 when she gave birth to me. She is too young you`d say. You are probably right. And this is probably the reason she got scared of the idea that she has to take care of me. I`m not angry she abandoned me. The decision is hers. But I was alone. Without mother`s affection, without gentle hands to caress me. Without the love and security every child deserves.


15 days after I took my first breath I was moved.


I left the hospital and I arrived at some unfamiliar place… I heart that people call it “Children`s house”. Everyone was smiling and was cheerful. They told me I was very small and weight only 2,5kg. I couldn`t eat good I had colic and other problems. Frankly at first I was afraid. I didn’t know what was happening and what to expect.


Several women took care of me. They were gentle and good. Step by step I started trusting them. With each day I started feeling better. They fed me, massaged me and spoke to me very gently. It was like they were my real family. Smile returned to my face. I told myself: if they are by my side there is nothing to worry about.


I remember that one day there was a lot of excitement. Later I learned the reason – there was a family that could adopt me. Oh, how happy I was. Finally I could have my own mom and dad. Could there be anything better than that? I won`t lie the idea of having my own family and my own home made me feel like the happiest baby on earth!


And so the long expected day came. I was so excited! But something went wrong…the family that was going to adopt me didn`t like me. They said they didn`t feel a thrill. Maybe I wasn`t pretty enough…or I seemed to naughty? I don`t know. But they gave up on me. I was again left without mom and dad. Yes I was little but I understood everything. And there was no way to hide the sorrow I felt…


Days went by, weeks, months…another family wanting to adopt me came up. But how could I trust them? I knew the feeling of being rejected too good and I didn`t want to feel it again. However I decided to give them a chance.


I will never forget my meeting with Milena and Ivan.

Boyan`s mother thanked the foundation and “Children`s house” during the event.


Or how I now call them – mom and dad. I immediately felt the big amount of love that was coming out of them. In their eyes I could see how they long for me to be a part of their family. I felt loved…and wanted. And I loved them. After our first meeting many more followed. I was sad when they left. And when I saw them a smile shined on my face. They felt the same way. And even when I got ill from chickenpox the strong bond, we had created wasn`t darkened.


Do you remember how at the beginning I told you my birthday is in November? I`ll admit something. For me my real birthday is in July. Then in one wonderful, warm and sunny day mom and dad hugged me, kissed me…and we left together for home. We forever entwined our destinies and happily took on our new way as a family.