Bulgaria Tattoo Expo will again support For our children foundation

By 20.09.2019News

Bulgaria Tattoo Expo will support us for a second consecutive year. During their last year`s event they donated our causes the amount gathered from selling online tickets which is more than 2 400 BGN. Learn more about them from their interview before Foundation “For our children”.


1.How did you learn about “For our children” foundation?


I learned about you by accident. Once while I was in South park a donated 5 BGN to a girl from a foundation with a similar to yours logo and name. Sadly later on it turned out that I had been misled by people speculating with your good name for personal benefit. This case made me study the question and so I came across your Foundation. I learned about your causes and an idea came up to me that we could be useful to you.  After that my colleagues and I discussed the opportunity and decided to contact you.


2.How did You and Your team decided that you want to support us?


The whole team and I wish to be useful to the society in different ways, to be socially engaged and to be a good example. We believe that a person must help and give if he wishes the same in return. My personal motivation and belief is that good attracts good.


3.What is Your personal cause and what inspires you?


Our mutual cause is to create an inspiring event for tattoos and in the same time prove that in Bulgaria world quality ones can be made.  We are inspired by other world events dedicated to tattooing and our dream is in not more than 5 years to be one of them.


4.To which childhood memory do you return often and what would you say to today`s kids who are henceforward discovering themselves?


My childhood memories are connected with my birthplace Lom, river Dunav and my friends there.  With careless moments outside on the dusty streets of Lom.

To today`s children I would say – go outside, run and play with other children now they have that time.  To look for themselves in the game, only like that they can know themselves – in communicating with others. I did so.


Join their event which will be on the 28th and 29th of September in hall 3 in the National Palace of Culture, Sofia.  There you will find the donation boxes of Foundation “For our children”.