About the campaign

You think about it, you dream of it, you wait for it … Summer. Full of life, music, waves and dances. Do not wait for vacation, it’s already here. Invite it to the office, enjoy it, do not let it go!


Find out how you can feel embraced again by the hot waves of vacation by including your team into an unforgettable summer adventure – “Welcome the summer to your office”!


For the third consecutive year, the campaign of “For Our Children” foundation will take you to a summer fiesta with your colleagues, and while having fun together and get to know each other better, you can contribute to the wellbeing of the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria.


With our 10 fun challenges, we invite you to raise funds for the benefit of the Foundation and at the same time to get together as a team.

Why join?

Together, we can achieve something really significant – to take another step towards ensuring that every child in Bulgaria lives loved and supported in a family.


With the funds raised by the campaign, we will support parents in impasse so that they would not separate with their babies. We will continue to work with children born premature, with disabilities or at risk of developing disability, delay, or development deviations to grow productive and independent individuals.


Together, we will change hundreds of destinies and inspire hope for thousands of children and families!


Office ode

Write a poetic ode to a colleague and do not reveal his identity to the others! Let your colleagues guess the poetry object 🙂 Organize a literary reading and ask all visitors to pay a ticket.

“Swear jar” – summer edition

A new friend in the office – a jar in which everyone puts a coin or a banknote when they say a word about the summer break, such as “beach”; “annual leave”; “I’m going to the sea” and so on. There is a list to fill in the forbidden words and phrases ?

What time did you come to the office today?

Challenge a colleague who is always late to come to work on time for one week. For every day you’ve done it, shoot it with a frame that we suggest you create under the title #OnTime. For each day when it is time to spend a certain amount in a suitable jar or box. And for anyone who can not double the amount! ?

Seaside photo memories

Organize a cheerful game in the office by asking colleagues to bring pictures of their first seaside visits and holidays. Mix them and guess who is who. To participate you have to pay a fee. As you recall the good old days and what Sunny Beach was like, donate a small amount for every story told if you like.


Summer hits will keep your good mood for the whole week! To participate you need to pay a fee. We offer you a list of selected songs and a certificate for the best performer!

The calories = my friends!

Put on a visible place a basket where everyone can donate unhealthy but very delicious treats. Put next to it a donation box. When somebody gets hungry, he puts some amount in the donation box and takes a treat from the basket. The more you are tempted, the more money you will raise or as one wise bear says, “The more, the more”.

Check your sport skills in the office

Have you played badminton and table tennis in the office? Or volleyball or football in the yard with colleagues? Monopoly master? Prove it! 🙂 Organize your mini tournament in the office or in a suitable place. For to participate, you have to pay a tournament fee.

Charity lunch

Organize a charity lunch at the office! Invite your colleagues to join by cooking and bringing delicious meal, tempting dessert, traditional banitsa and anything else you like to have for lunch. To eat from the delicacies, you have to pay for each of them. And if you want to get the recipe for some delicious dish – pay generously by leaving the amount in the gift box.

Standup comedy

Tell your colleagues cheerful stories, awkward situations, or a fun summer family event. Organize a place in the office where you can gather with colleagues and tell your stories, include others in stories and forget for some time about work tasks.
To participate, pay a fee.

Summer ``privileges`` auction

Organize an auction for office summer “privileges”.


  • For wearing shorts or flip-flops in the office
  • Leaving the office 30 minutes earlier
  • Taking half a day off two Fridays per month
  • Using the boss’ parking lot
  • Sitting on the boss’ chair
  • Coming 1 hour later 3 days per month

Everyone who wants to participate in the auction pays an entrance fee. Choose a bidder and have fun together with the colleagues!

Summer ``office`` cinema

Choose your favorite summer movie and a day to play it in the office. Everyone pays a ticket fee. If someone wants to take front seats, pays a higher fee ? Here we offer you tickets for the cinema.


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