64 newborns in Plovdiv received their first presents for the International Children’s Day

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64 babies from three maternity wards in the city of Plovdiv received their first presents from the team of “For Our Children” foundation. The occasion is the International Children’s Day, and the babies already have brand new– newborn care packages.   “There’s no way I can describe the emotion and happiness from the feeling of giving the first present to a such a small human being”, comments with joy Fiona Zaikova, a leader of “Social Work” department at CSC “St. Sofia” of “For Our Children” foundation.   And the youngest, apart from presents, need love and good care. Around this decision united the team of “For Our Children” foundation and the specialists from the three maternity wards. Leading place in children’s development has a good environment. Dr. Diana Argirova who leads the Neonatal department at MBAL Plovdiv explained that one of the key factors for good development is avoiding any stress.   “The child should be raised with love in a caring environment,” explained Dr. Argirova.   “The most important thing for a child, since early, age is both parents to be good – not to be ignorant, but at the same time to avoid being perfectionists. In order the childhood to be happy, mother and father should treat their children well and not burden them with their own ambitions for developing since baby’s first breath.”, said the psychologist Maria Vladimirova from Hospital for Ob-Gyn “Selena”.   According to Dr. Slaveya Nedelcheva who leads the Neonatal department at MBAL “St. Mina”, it is extremely important to be born healthy.   “Peaceful and bright days and nothing to overshadow children’s souls,” wished Dr. Nedelcheva.   Our team also wishes children a happy childhood and many more…

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