Changes within the Work of For Our Children Foundation

By 16.03.2020News

Dear parents, partners, dear children,


Within the situation of pandemic and illnesses caused by coronavirus, the only way to protect our relatives, the children and families that we work for, is to restrict our professional and personal contacts, to keep social distance and hygiene.


We implement the following measures within the period 16 March – 13 April:


  • We suspend the work with clients at the offices of the services in Sofia and Plovdiv;
  • “Early Childhood Intervention” individual sessions will take place online;
  • All group activities are stopped;
  • Training activities for adoptive candidates will take place online;
  • The staff members of the Foundation are encouraged to work from home
  • The consultations with our social workers and psychologists can be done on the phone


Phones for emergency consultations:


Community Support Centre  “St. Sofia”: 02/822 3510


Community Support Centre “For children and parents”: 032/943 444


Foster  Care Centre: 02/9754025


We want to ensure you that we will restart all individual sessions, group and community activities, that we have been organizing for 28 years now, as soon as possible.


These concrete measures are based on our desire to remain close to the children and their parents, but only while taking into account the surrounding environment.


We hope to see you soon and we wish you health.


Ivanka Shalapatova,

Executive Director of For Our Children Foundation