“For Our Children” foundation organized a grand event, celebrating the International children’s day – June 1st. All children from the Home for socio-medical care for children “St. Sofia” and the centers of the foundation took part in it. The celebration was held at our Community Support Center “St. Sofia” where we organized different kinds of entertainment – children’s disco, drawing, and sports games. The animators from Play Park brought the good mood to our guests for free.


1st june mom baby

“It is nice that “For Our Children” foundation exists. It helps foster parents in hard times and there should be more foundations like this one”, shared Maria – a voluntary foster mother.


Experts from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and Sofia Municipality came to the event. Svetla Ivanova – chief expert at the Directory “European funds and international program projects” of MLSP, shared: “I think that the care which “For Our Children” foundation gives to the children is very important and I hope that they will continue to do so in the future. Today, we had the opportunity to take a look at the new-built Children’s House. I see that children live in good conditions. All of them look healthy, smiling, and happy on this day and I suppose that it is the same every day.”


1st june playing-minGuests of the celebration also were the donators of “For Our Children” foundation together with their children who also saw Children’s House situated in the yard of the CSC “St. Sofi”.


The executive director of “For Our Children” foundation Ivanka Shalapatova congratulated all children for their holiday and reminded adults that every child has the right to a happy childhood in a family environment and that it is their task to respect this right.