Children create “For Our Children”

By 20/12/2018News

Today is a special day – on the one hand, a day of solidarity, and according to Bulgarian customs and traditions, is Ignazhden. This is why we are very glad that оn a day like this we crossed the threshold of “Azbuki” private school and we were guests of the little good-doers of 3A and 3B class. We met with them, their teachers and parents, to say a great thank you to the series of initiatives they organized together with their teachers and parents in support of the foster children, which “For Our Children” foundation takes care of. They were motivated by their own pure desire to make sure that these children will have toys just like theirs. They sincerely wished them to have a real family and “all be happy”!

After the sale of the charity books for the Bulgarian National Awakening Day the preparation of Christmas cakes for the school bazaar, the big amount of festive cards sold to their parents’ jobs, the children have a new purpose for their “virtues” classes. Already in the first days of the New Year, they will start making martenitsi to support children in foster families.


Other children also created for children on Christmas. The kids from the Little Steps Kindergarten, part of the Azbuki school complex, organized another initiative in support of “For Our Children” foundation. This time, in workshops, with enthusiasm and inspiration, they made cards, snowmen, and all sorts of creations that they offered at their pre-Christmas charity bazaar. With the funds, we will support the babies at our Children’s House.


There is no way the lively look and the sparks in the eyes of all these children will not impress you! Sparks we saw in the eyes of their teachers and parents, as well. We, from “For Our Children” foundation, will take care of bringing this flame to the eyes of the children in need that today rely on all of us!