Children from Fusion Academy in support of their peers

By 27/12/2018News

For many years one of the leading academies in the sphere of education and art, Fusion Academy and “For Our Children” foundation work together in the name of the right of every child to grow safe, loved, and happy. The team of Fusion Academy believes that there is no such thing as a talentless child but in order to spark that talent, we need to provide the child with opportunities to express themselves and to develop – an understanding, which we also share. They share that art is not fixed value. Art is an impact, a change for the better, love, family. To be an artist you have to be a human most of all. To carry kindness in you, to look for the beauty in the world, to recreate it, to give and gift it to the people. To be an artist, you have to be able to work in a group, to be tolerant, to feel your partner, to be synchronized with the ensemble. They create together and change people, who know their art.

This year, thanks to the support of Fusion Academy, the guests of our biggest charity event Art evening of the virtues 2018 left with a unique memory from the evening, namely – a work by the young artists from the academy. Their genuine interpretation of family and how important it is for all of us, helped the guests to feel the cause of the foundation even closer to them. But this is only a small part of the excessive kindness which the students of the academy do for the foundation and the children who need support. Thanks to them, companies, led by the creative energy of the children at the academy, helped the foundation with the funds of the Christmas cards sale which they handcrafted themselves.


Many are the shared occasions with Fusion Academy which stimulate the team of “For Our Children” foundation to continue to fight with aspiration and smile for one of the most important things in our society – the safe and happy childhood in a family. Another such occasion was the Christmas party at the academy where we talked to the good-doers about how they support us, how important it is to be kind, to volunteer, to share and help children and families not only around Christmas.


And at the end, we finished our meeting with a photo of all of us and the children themselves wanted to say “FAMILY” while we are together. Because for them, the family is the most important thing.