“This Christmas you make the miracles” raised 50 000 lv. in support of happy childhood in families

By 17/01/2019News

Yesterday on a thanksgiving meeting with the participants in the “This Christmas you make the miracles” 2018, “For Our Children” Foundation announced the results from the charity campaign.


The initiative’s sixth edition inspired employees of 53 small and large socially responsible companies, schools, preschools, educational centers, a media group, dance schools, a health lifestyle club, a circle of friends and even a retirement club to give a chance for happy childhood to hundreds of children. Together we imperceptibly managed to raise the record-breaking amount of 50 000 leva which the Foundation will utilize to support children and families at risk, will address the specific requirements of  children with developmental issues and will help them realize their full potential.


“We couldn’t manage what we do without your support. 60% of the financial provision come from donations. You give us the stability and certainty that help us follow our mission for 26 years already. Thanks to you we supported 1300 children and families last year”, pointed out in front of the guests Galq Gecova, director of the department “Corporate and individual partnerships and Communications” at “For Our Children” Foundation.


During the last few weeks the teams in the office organized with great excitement and a strong Christmas spirit a variety of initiatives supporting the foundation’s causes – some of them danced, others spent the day wearing pajamas, or competing in a race with chairs on wheels and in arm wrestling with ski gloves. The most favorite amongst the initiatives were the Christmas lunch and Christmas bazaar.


“Dear friends, I would like to tell you that the kids we supported might never meet us, might never tell us how we changed their lives, but thanks to us they will always believe in the good in people. Thank you for reaching out and helping us so that we can make sure more kids grow up in a secure family environment”, shared her thoughts Snezhanka Marinkova, one of the people, “guilty” of accomplishing the campaign this year – senior expert “Organizing campaigns and communications” at the Foundation.

Touched by her words all the participants shared the initiative has brought them together as a team and as people united in a significant and excited cause. Some of the teams expressed their opinion regarding the event describing it as the brightest and the most fun one for the past year and they can’t wait to take part in other campaigns, organized by the Foundation. They really got to know the people whom they work with and discovered newfound creative abilities in themselves. An occasion for jokes and unforgettable common memories the campaign is still a topic of conversation in the teams.


For yet another year the “This Christmas you make the miracles” campaign united colleagues and friends, woke up their Christmas mode, bound them with a cause and proved that doing good is not only easy but can also be a lot of fun. And most importantly, it made it possible for dozens of children to feel the magic of spending their holidays in a family environment.