Community support center For children and parents from For our children foundation is celebrating its 10 birthday

By 17.12.2019News

In 2019 Community support center “For children and parents” Plovdiv is celebrating its 10 birthday. Ten years in which through an individual way and a high professionalism we helped more than 1900 children to live loved and happy in a secure family environment.


The 10 year jubilee was marked on an annual Christmas celebration which the team form the center organizes for the supported by them children and their families.


The celebration went with a lot of music, dances and games. The arrival of Santa Claus caused the biggest smiles and glowing eyes and of course the ensured by “Operation Teddy Bear” gifts for every child.


On the celebration present were representors from the local and state power, partners and friends, children and families supported by the foundation through the years.


To respect the celebration and wish us luck in our future projects and acts our special guests were Veselina Boteva director of “Social policy” Plovdiv municipality, Yordanka Paunova – ex director of the now closed home for children “Rada Kirkovich” part of which we will turn into a modern complex for early childhood development.


Mrs. Veselina Boteva made congratulations towards the team from the center and thanked the professionalism and high quality of the services in support of children and their families and the executive director of “For our children” foundation Mrs. Ivanka Shalapatova.


The community support center “For children and families” in Plovdiv exists from 2009. Through its programs and services for ten years the center provides social, health and psychological support for children and families at risk.


Part of the services and programs, which the center works by today, “For our children” foundation started and developed before its creation. In the distant 1994 teams from the foundation start to realize urgent humanitarian programs for feeding children at social homes, and later towards families at risk in the community and by doing this they start the first social services directed towards children at risk and their families. In 1998 within the project “Children and families” for the first time in Bulgaria services in the community as an alternative of raising children at social homes are being piloted. Services are being developed such as prevention from children abandoning, reintegration and foster care, which today the center is successfully  continuing to practice and develop through different projects, programs as well as due to the good partnership with local and state power.


Today in the community support center “For children and parents” work with confirmed specialists for whom the ensured childhood is a cause. Every day the social workers, psychologists and specialists from the center support parents in order not to abandon their newborn babies and little children and are working for the returning of already abandoned children to a secure, family environment.


The center is developing a program for fighting with the violence over children in an environment as well as in a school and institutional environment.


For the 10 years from its creation, through the programs for prevention of the abandoned children, early childhood intervention, reintegration the specialists from the center ensure social, health and material support to 1984 children and families at risk.


The team of the community support center “For children and parents” in partnership with MBAL “Plovdiv” organized courses for future parents “First care for the newborn” which help young mothers and their families to be well prepared for the arrival of the new family member and to adequately meet the baby`s first needs.


In the period, 2009-2019 in the made from the center courses for future parents over 1600 people have taken part.


Despite the youngest in the first hours of their lives, the center “For children and parents” supports children and families in the community.


For ten years the team from the center build a trusted relationship with the people from the community and the center for community support “For children and parents” has become a recognizable place for support where those in need can always seek help and receive a highly qualified social, health and psychological support.