Period of execution: 2005 – 2006

Description: The Complex for children and families in the city of Plovdiv was created after the World Bank announced (through MLSP and the project “Reform for increasing the well-being of children in Bulgaria”) an auction for providing social services for the first year of the Complex. During the execution of the project, social workers and professionals provided different forms of support for children and their families through the social services at the Community Support Center, the “Mother and baby” department and the Center for work with homeless children. Part of the activities were: informing and consulting children, young people and parents; courses for practical parental skills; mediation and advocacy; training and consulting foster parents and adopters; direct individual and group work with children; providing asylum and intensive support for young single pregnant women and women in labor. At the Complex work professionals in the sphere of childhood and family development: social workers, psychologists, rehabilitators, tutors, social assistants, family advisor, child psychiatrist, child psychologist, family lawyer, doctor, etc.