Corporate partners

Corporate Partners


CashTerminal supports For Our Children Foundation`s causes by giving their clients the chance to make a donation through its devices in Sofia and all the country.

Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group

Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group PLC sustainably supports social projects with a focus on the most vulnerable members of our society – primarily disadvantaged children and young people, but also people in need. The Group is partner of the Foundation since April 2015 when together we carried out the project “Supporting Family Care for Children at Risk”, which provided professional social services to prevent the abandonment of babies in maternity wards, and also provided quality foster care by supporting Foster families.

In 2018 Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group” provides additional support for the projects “Children’s house gives hope for a new beginning” and “Childhood needs a family”.


The partnership between Citibank and For Our Children Foundation started in the end of 2015.In 2016, the financial institution provided support to 12 foster children and families, which allowed the children to receive 24-hour care in a secure family environment, and the children with disabilities or developmental difficulties – to receive rehabilitation, specialized therapy and medicine. In 2018 Citibank will continue to support the work of the foundation for development and provision of quality foster care and will support the creation of an Early Childhood Development Complex in Sofia in the building of the former Home for Socio-Medical Cares “St. Sofia” for abandoned babies.


Compass EOOD has been supporting For Our Children Foundation since 2011 by donating 5% of the profit of each product Compass “Detska zakuska” for prevention of abandonment of newborns and provision of foster families for children at risk.

Dundee Precious Metals

Dundee Precious Metals is the traditional partner of For Our Children Fundation in the organization of the charity event Evening of the Virtues. The company also supports various causes and initiatives such as Children`s House, foster care, etc.



EuroAgents is a consulting agency focused on the preparation of social benefits packages for the employees of local companies. In addition, they offer over 60 types of insurance products, some of which are specifically created to efficiently manage wages and salaries.

Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy is a company working in the sphere of trainings and art, whose mission and goal is children`s development through a synthesis of educational methods, stimulation of the development of the group`s creativity. Fusion Academy supports For Our Children Foundation with free services in the organization of key events such as Evening of the Virtues.


In 2014, Generali Bulgaria started a common project with For Our Children Foundation under the slogan “Secure Home for Our Children”. The project aims to support the care for abandoned babies and little children placed in Family House – a rescue from the life in a social home and a place where they receive love, care and attention in a family. In the project, Generali deducts 1 lev from the price of each individual insurance “Home Property”, and part of the company`s employees show their support with monthly donations of their salary. The employees of the company also participate in a number of voluntary and charity initiatives.

The German-Bulgarian industrial-trade chamber (GBINTC)  

The German-Bulgarian industrial-trade chamber (GBINTC) creates a platform for contacts, partnership and exchange between German and Bulgarian companies, opens new opportunities for successful business, and gives a wide specter of services to its members and partners. Through the 17th and 20th edition of its biggest annual event – traditional ball of the German economy, the chamber supports the work pf the specialists from our Foster care center. The 11th ball of the German economy supported the mobile work of our teams with children and families at work.

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF)

Since 2019 Herbalife Nutrition Foundation has been a partner in improving the nutrition of children, supported through For Our Children Foundation’s services, as well as in encouraging the formation of good nutritional habits through providing recommendations to the parents and the people who directly take care of children. During the period of 2019-2020, 400 children and families received support thanks to HNF. During the period of 2020-2021, our partnership is directed towards ensuring healthy and wholesome food for children devoid of parental love at Children’s House, and children with developmental difficulties and problems at the Day Care Children’s Centre of For Our Children Foundation.

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation is dedicated to the improvement of children’s lives all around the world, through helping to ensure access to healthy food and wholesome nutrition training. Today HNF has over 1400 partners of the Casa Herbalife programme in more than 60 countries in the world, supporting 120 000 children annually.

Isobar Commerce

The software company Isobar Commerce became the first family good-doer for “For our children” foundation and for seven years is supporting our efforts to deliver warmness, care and love to babies and little children in our Children`s house. In addition throughout the years the company and its employees support children with difficulties in the development so that they remain with their families, to develop and grow in a secure family environment.

I do ADV

“Donate through a Business Partner” is a common project of For Our Children Foundation and its long-term partner – the advertising agency I Do Advertising. The aim ot the initiative is to support the causes of the foundation by offering a contemporary way for linking of the companies of the corporate sector so they have the chance to help, by printing their promotional materials. During the initiative, I Do Advertising deducts 5% of the cost of each new contract of the companies willing to take part in it.

J Point Group

J Point Group is a long-term partner of For Our Children Foundation providing free support for printing various information materials, related to the foundation`s activity as well as the realization of key events and campaigns.

LR Global Kinds Fund

The partnership between For Our Children Foundation and LR Global Kids Fund started in December 2013 and is focused on the support of the children and babies in Family House.

Onboard CRM

Onboard CRM supports For Our Children Foundation in the implementation of Salesforce. The company provides a full range of services (one-stop-shop),  related to outsourcing of business processess: from digitalization of inner and outer communication processes, CRM (customer relationship management), PR, social networks, telemarketing, mobile applications, etc. to website development. OnboardCRM`s work is focused on the digital transformation of the business as well as on the digital capacity increase of the non-government organizations.


Oriflame Bulgaria supports For Our Children Foundation since 2010 by donating 100% of the revenue from a special series of products aiming to develop the foster care in the country. The company participates each year in our biggest charity event Evening of the Virtues. By doing so, the company supports our specialists in the different causes that we work for.


Since 2015 Profi Credit has been supporting For Our Children Foundation in its efforts in helping every child to live with a family. Through an annual corporate donation the company invests in social services and material support, which aim to help the families in need, for which the care for the children is a challenge. A team from the company is a regular participant in the campaign “This Christmas you make the miracles”.

Raiffeisen Bank

Reiffeisen Bank traditionally supports For Our Children Foundation through its donation campaign CHOOSE TO HELP, which started in 2009 and continues up to now.

Red Devil Catering

Red Devil Catering has been a partner of For Our Children Foundation since 2015. The company provides free catering services for events and campaigns the foundation organizes or takes part in.

Regus Bulgaria

Regus Bulgaria is a free host of the taken out work meeting of the team of “For our children” foundation. The company provides in more than 300 locations offices for rent for a day, a week or a year.

Right Rental

Right Rental is a partner of For Our Children Foundation when organizing events. The company provides equipment and furniture by taking care of the exquisite design of every event.


Speedy courier company has been supporting For Our Children Foundation for years now by providing free services all over the country.


ForPoint was established in 2015 and is developing within the sphere of e-commerce. They successfully develop online shops for world-renowned companies. They work in a dynamic and fast-developing sector and are actively communicating with international clients form the whole of Europe, North America and Australia. They respect and value their team member’s opinion and believe that the main leading force for a company are the people.