Course for candidate – adoptive parents

By 22.07.2020News

Another course for candidate – adoptive parents is launched by the Community Support Center “St. Sofia”.



The special gift “Thank you for being there” was given to the presenters of this course – the psychologist Niya Lyutakova and the social worker Fikrie Baidakova.



It is held in a mixed form – the first part – remotely, and yesterday, in compliance with all precautions, the attendance sessions for the 11 future parents began. The course participants were so eager to meet “live” that they had arranged to meet before the start of our course. Thus, they had the opportunity to discover the differences first hand between online and live learning.



Due to the great interest in the course, next week the training of the second group of candidates – adoptive parents will start, which will be led by the psychologist Katerina Kovacheva and the senior social worker Desislava Ilieva. He will be in attendance, and 11 people will take part again, who will take part in 7 group meetings and two more individual ones.



The courses for preparation of candidate – adoptive families, which are entirely practically oriented, include important topics for their preparation – the family as a system and the stages through which the child development passes.



We pay special attention to the reasons for a child to be abandoned by their biological parents and to the consequences of institutionalization. We look at the topics of the “secret of adoption”, the process of adjusting the child and the adoptive parents, as well as the child’s adaptation at home. Various exercises and creative tasks, as well as specialized videos, allow the candidate – adoptive parents to immerse themselves in real situations from our practice with adoptive families. In this way we help them become more confident so that they can more easily go through the difficulties in the process of raising a child.



We create a community of people to support each other, sharing knowledge and experience once adoption becomes a reality.



From the beginning of the year until now, 46 families have passed through our courses for preparation of candidate – adoptive families, and our work during the state of emergency was not terminated.

Both courses are supported by Generali Zastrahovane AD and The Human Safety Net Foundation.