DEVIN takes care of the hydration of the For Our Children Foundation each day

By 04.08.2020News

In the middle of the summer we are happy to announce the beginning of a new valuable partnership – the support of DEVIN Izvorna.



From August 2020, the brand provides the daily drinking needs of naturally clean spring water to children and families, whom we help and the entire team of the foundation. Every month Devin EAD donates the necessary amount to everyone in the foundation.



In our centers for public support in Sofia and Plovdiv, free consultations and psychological support for children and families at risk, activities with children with disabilities and problems in development, courses for prospective adoptive parents are carried out daily. The foster care center is the place where we organize groups for support and training of foster parents and socializing activities for children in foster families. And in our Children’s Home, professional babysitters take care of babies around the clock until they are adopted, placed in foster families or returned to their biological parents.



Employees of the company showed their commitment to our cause for a happy childhood and development in a safe family environment in our last Christmas campaign, becoming miracle workers for children in need. The partnership with DEVIN Izvorna is a significant step, which puts the support on a new basis and gives stability to the foundation to meet an important need – providing our centers with naturally clean water, suitable for children who are in the center of our care.




“We are honored that DEVIN EAD stands behind our cause and through DEVIN Izvorna the company will be every day to the children and families we help. At the For Our Children Foundation, we believe in the power of partnerships between business and the civil sector. We know that only together can we change the lives of the youngest children in need for the better. We are confident that with this partnership we will give many children a reason to dream and achieve their dreams, and their families – to be proud of their success in the difficult mission of being a parent. As a true Rhodope woman, I am glad that the water from the heart of the Rhodopes will shed light and purity in the childhood of the hundreds of children we care for, “said the executive director of the For Our Children Foundation, Mrs. Ivanka Shalapatova.



Thanks to DEVIN Izvorna for the trust and shared care!



The DEVIN brand water comes from an ecologically clean region in the heart of the Rhodopes and is recommended by the Bulgarian Pediatric Association. Naturally pure, unadulterated, DEVIN Izvor’s mission is to help us nourish our inner hero through healthy hydration. Every day