Easy and fun games to maintain children’s physical activity during the quarantine period

 How to maintain   children’s physical activity during quarantine or after a recent illness? We asked Raya Tsvetanova, Early Childhood Intervention expert at For Our Children Foundation.


In children, after infectious diseases, there is a general exhaustion, weakness, irritability, weakening of the  the muscles, decrease in  emotional tone. In a situation of sparing daily routine, , properly selected games can help your child gain self-esteem, improve their mental health, and increase their tone. The games evoke a joyous mood, promote proper breathing, circulation, digestion and the processes of recovery from the disease. Many fine mechanisms in the body are broken and it takes time for  it to repair these disorders.


There are several basic things parents need to know about this recovery period for their child’s body.


Some of them are related to motor mode. Some parents insist that your child continue to lie in bed, which deprives them  of movement and emotions, especially needed at this time. Others  take  the child to a children’s party on the second or third day. This poses risks of overburdening the still fragile organism.


In that exact moment the child needs a gentle motor mode – without lying down for too long, but also without overdoing the games – motor activity, but without running to swelling and fatigue.


If you have doubts about the motor regime of the child after illness – please, consult their  doctor first.


We offer you a few easy and fun games.  Besides bringing joyful emotions to your little one, they will also help the faster recovery of their organism. They are also suitable for keeping the cilld’s physical activity in this quarantine period.


Ball Game


This game helps to develop the coordination of hand and finger movements, grip, development of rapid reaction, agility, ability for orientation in space, improvement of visual analyzer, visual-motor coordination, alternation.

To do this, we only  need to clean the kitchen table from superfluous items. The child rolls a medium-sized ball to an adult who stands on the other side of the table. The goal is to keep the ball from falling on the floor. The activity can be complicated by using a smaller size ball or by placing a variety of boxes where the child throws the ball from  a distance.


Game “Hedgehog”


This game is about strengthening the muscle “corset” of the spine


The child lays on their back; they  stretch their arms over their head and reach out. Then they raise the upper half of the body to their knees and cover them with their hands. Repeat this 5 – 6 times. Frequent breaks can be made.

“Sparrows” game develops the skills of jumping and strengthens the muscles.

The kid jumps off with “Wings” like a bird.


The”Bunny” game



It helps to develop the coordination of movements, the performance of instructions, the increase of psycho-emotional tone, the development of a sense of rhythm.

Parent stands in front of the child and asks them to repeat the movements of the bunny, according to the words of the song/You will have to invent text and melody of the song/. The parent then shows the movements.

Care must be taken to ensure that the movements are properly performed, but also that the child is not overworked or overexcited.


Let’s help the Bunny go home

For the development of coordination of movements, ability to orient in space, walking and balancing.


The parent draws with chalk with a long line on the floor / stretches a rope on the floor, glues a line of tape, rolls a sheet, etc. / and puts a  toy on one end of it. He suggests that the child go to the bunny walking on the makeshift bridge. Initially, an adult may hold the child’s handto cross the bridge and help the bunny go home.


Building a pyramid with colored rings game



Develops the sensory experience and visual motor coordination.


The parent shows the  pyramid to the child and encourages them to touch the rings ad  compare them in diameter. They pull out one of the rings and put it to the right of the pyramid. They  suggest to the child to pull out another ring and place it next to the one already removed. Here it is not only  the size but also the spatial arrangement of the rings that matters, since the lower part is wider than the upper one. Stringing starts from the largest parts. An adult can hold the child’s hand and slide it over the surface of the pyramid with the words ” See how smooth it is. ” In the course of the game, the colors of the rings are also a fun way to play


Game “Ring the Bell”


The parent holds a bell in his hand high in the air. They suggest that the child jump to reach for the bell and ring.


Fun exercises for the respiratory system


Inflating balloons, blowing soap bubbles, bubbling in a glass of water through a straw, whistling, harmonica playing, blowing snowflakes, or butterflies cut from a napkin, giving the battle shout to the Indians.


For the development of speech, attention, and fine motor skills, you should massage your child’s palms regularly and play finger games with them. Massage balls are very useful in such games. In addition to its standard play object features, the ball massages the tips of the child’s fingertips with rounded spikes, developing tactile sensations and stimulating points on the palms of the hands.