Emergency family support to those affected by COVID-19

By 10.08.2020News

One of the families included in our Emergency Family Support Program, which we created in response to the pandemic crisis, put to the test and threatened the survival of dozens of families we support, received essential food today.



For Desislava’s family, 2020 began with joyful excitement in anticipation of the 4th child. But not for long. In March this year she became one of the thousands of invisible victims of the state of emergency and related measures – in the middle of her fourth pregnancy, Desislava lost her job.



This further complicated their already difficult situation and put the family’s survival to the test. The inability to keep their jobs and the uncertain future confronted the family with serious challenges and difficulties in caring for their three children and in preparing to meet their brother.



The foundation has been supporting the family since November 2018. With the efforts of Desislava Ilieva, a senior social worker at St. Sofia Center, we helped them cope with the challenge they were facing at the time – caring for their three children – two boys and a girl and finding housing. They were supported only by their father’s salary, they lived in a temporary accommodation center, from where they had to move out due to the expiration of the accommodation period.



With our help, two of the children started attending kindergarten, which enabled the mother to start work. In the care of the youngest child, both parents took turns in their work shifts, their relatives helped them. They soon managed to find a suitable accommodation and to deal with the payment of rent and bills on their own.


Until March, when the crisis hit them and we stood by them again.



Thanks to our supporters from Kika Group, we provided a new stroller, cot and bedding for the baby, which appeared in early June. We support them monthly with a package of durable food products under our emergency family support program so that they can safely take care of their children in the difficult situation they are going through.



Today, Denikola is two months old and grows up calm and visibly happy and content under the care of her mother and older siblings. After the difficult situation in which they found themselves due to the loss of a job, the father works again, and in two places. It is difficult for him, but he is happy that everyone is together. In September, the eldest boy will start school as a first grader, and the girl is anxiously awaiting her upcoming birthday and even invited us to be her special guests and share her joy.



We share their gratitude to all the donors who made the support of this family possible so that the children could enjoy the love and attention of mom and dad despite the difficulties.