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The fifth anniversary of Evening of the Virtues will be held on 21st of October 2014 Tuesday at 19:30 in Sofia Event, Center Paradise Center.


The charitable event is meant to raise funding that will encourage the fulfilling development of small children in Bulgaria. For Our Children Foundation will support parents of children with developmental difficulties in order to provide them with a permanent and supporting family environment and to stimulate the development of their full potential.


This year Evening of the Virtues takes us back in time and provokes us to search for our childhood memories. Those moments that would not always come to us consciously but leave a permanent trace in our life and influence us in becoming the people we are today.


For that reason For Our Children Foundation supports the fulfilling development of infants in Bulgaria their rights to have happy memories with their families and to develop their full potential.


Evening of the Virtues has mixed tradition with challenge for the fifth time. The event has an aim to unlock our power to help and do good deeds through the magic of arts. The fifth anniversary event will combine the personal engagement of the participants with their stage performance in an original way. The event will offer musical performances with a unique arrangement of 6 notable stars from the Bulgarian music stage in duos with 6 singing volunteers – leaders from the business sphere famous people and caring parents of children with special needs.


During the traditional charitable auction Igor Markovski will once again provoke the attention and raise the adrenaline of the guests at the hall with attractive objects and precious works of art. The loved presenters Mira Dobreva and Drago Simeonov who are notable for their unique style and charisma will traditionally contribute to the unique atmosphere of the event.

For 21 years For Our Children Foundation has devoted its work to the mission of providing a secure supportive and developing family environment for every Bulgarian child. We have supported over 6 000 children for the last 2 decades. Some of them are spending their happy childhood within a family while others have already become successful young people discovering and expanding their talents in Bulgaria.


The first years in every child’s life are vital for his/her development – in order to become the person who has capacity to develop his/her potentialities learn how to gain social skills settle stable relationships with the surrounding world discover his/her abilities and talents and put them into practice. For all these reasons this year’s Evening of the Virtues will be dedicated to the cause Early Childhood Development. We believe that every child deserves an equal start in life a supportive family and a developing environment. We believe that children are not only our future


The First 3 years are the most important because:

Researches show that the first 3 years of life are the most important because 90% of the brain cells develop during this period. The stable base concerning good health and a fulfilling development is formed at this time which in turn affects the whole life of a person. The basic engine that supports early childhood development constitutes of the parents and the family. In the first years the infant is vulnerable and depends on them. It is of great importance for a child to grow up in a secure family environment where he or she can receive love protection and support.

Evening of the Virtues 2014 has an aim to encourage the fulfilling development of children in Bulgaria in their early years. For Our Children Foundation has accomplished all of this in cases when:


  • The child is at risk of being abandoned – by preventing this and providing a secure and supportive family environment – in his/her biological family at a foster or adoption family or at the Children’s House (the cause of the Evening of Virtues 2011) when his/her own family cannot take care of him/her.
  • The child has difficulties in development – by providing him/her and his/her family with the needed professional support in the hardest moments of their lives as well as give them hope that they could cope with the challenges together.

We will invest the raised funds from Evening of the Virtues 2014 to:


  • Support 300 children by preventing their abandonment providing that they could stay with their family or receive alternative family care – foster care an adoption family or our Children’s House services (the cause of the Evening of Virtues 2011)
  • Support 200 children with special needs between 0 and 3 years of age by providing the required help via our specialists. This leads to them overcoming their difficulties and making their first steps on the right path of development;
  • Support more children and families with quality social services including psychologists rehabilitators family therapists speech-therapists and others;
  • Provide them with the needed care medicaments and equipment for children with special needs;


Only for the last year For Our Children Foundation supported 518 children and their families. This means that 518 children’s lives have been saved affecting the world of hundreds of people around them. These infants have changed our world as well because every moment spent with them broadens our minds makes us believe that there are no invincible challenges and impossible dreams. We know that we can support even a greater number of children. In order to do that we need your help.

Together we can do more.

Together we can give more children a better future.
Today not tomorrow.

Be a guest of Evening of the Virtues and support the right of every child to grow up in a family and develop in Bulgaria!


The Fifth Anniversary Edition of the Evening of the Virtues relies on its established traditions and this year the beloved Mira Dobreva and Drago Simeonov will be hosting the event for the fifth time.


The event’s program will once again be prepared by scriptwriter Ivan Angelov (“Condominium”) and director Dimitar Kotzev-ShoSho (“Lora From Morning Till Evening” “The Fourth Estate”).


 For a second year the event will be hosted by Sofia Event Group who once again rendered the relaxing and stylish atmosphere of the Sofia Event Center hall available free of charge.


What can you expect of the 2014 Evening of the Virtues?


Singing Supporters 
This year at the event you will meet our singing supporters – real life businesspeople who took the challenge to sing in support of the cause of the foundation. With the help of composer pianist and music educator Rosalin Nakov and with famous Bulgarian artists as their mentors each pair of singing supporters will aim with their performances to raise funds for the cause of the foundation and thus help more parents in dealing with the difficult childhood of their infants and toddlers.


The Charity Auction 
Over 30 collectibles with emotional value will be available for the guests of Evening of the Virtues to choose from during the charity auction. Presenter of the auction this year will be the professional Igor Markovski. The items were donated by celebrities diplomats and entrepreneurs.


The guests will enjoy a stylish four course dinner in a unique setting.


Invitations for the event can be purchased by phone at 0882 515 328 or by email on charity@detebg.org.


The forth edition of Evening of the Virtues will be hosted by the always smiling and charming journalists Mira Dobreva and Drago Simeonov. During the previous editions of the event the two hosts contributed with their style and charisma to the sincere atmosphere of the evening.


Mira Dobreva has been a friend of For Our Children for years and she gladly agreed to host the event for a forth year. She has greatly contributed to the public’s awareness on the issues related to the fate of the abandoned children because Mira always shows the children’s problems as they are.


Drago Simeonov takes part in the charity initiative once again because he believes that every child deserves a family and that the efforts in that direction should not be a one time thing but a long-term commitment for all of us.


This year we invited Mrs. Alessandra Maggi who is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Istituto degli Innocenti to be patron of Evening of Virtues. Istituto degli Innocenti is the oldest Italian public institution committed to the protection of children’s rights. For more than six centuries the Institute has been working to support children and families. During her career Mrs. Maggi has had the opportunity to serve as deputy-mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo Italy where she was responsible for social policy.


Born in Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence Province) in 1945, Alessandra Maggi has been working for many years in the public health system, dealing with the prevention of territorial services and the promotion of health culture. Along with his professional activities, she has always been politically engaged and occupied positions in the regional and national bodies of the left-wing Democrats in Italy.


She was deputy Mayor of the municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo from 1985 to 1995 responsible for social policies in the field of youth health and transport. Then Maggi was an advisor to the provincial council of Florence from 1990 to 1999, and a Vice-President of the Council and Chairman of the Commission for Equal Opportunities opportunities.


Since 1999, she has been chairman of the Governor’s Council of the “Istituto Degli Innocenti” in Florence, a public institution that has been protecting and promoting the rights of children and adolescents since the Renaissance.


In recent years, Alessandra Maggi has been actively working to strengthen the role of the Institute for the Promotion of Culture for Childhood and Adolescence by supporting the creation of territorial networks and partnerships. “Institut de Innocenti” today is a training and research service center that cooperates with public and private organizations and contributes to the development of social policies related to children and families at different institutional levels.


As president of Istituto Degli Innocenti, Alessandra Maj?gi pays particular attention to the issues of violence and assault on children, abandonment of children and the need of parental support for motherhood and parenthood in general.

Special Good Doers

Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho

Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho

Writer, translator, screenwriter, director and producer

Ivan Angelvo

Ivan Angelvo


Charity Auction

In the traditional charity auction Igor Markovsky will again bring wonderful objects to our attention and will increase the adrenaline of the guests in the hall with attractive objects and valuable works of art.

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