About the event

The evening of the virtues is the biggest charity event of For Our Children Foundation. For the last eight years, it has been gathering representatives of state and local authorities, the socially responsible business, the non-governmental sector and the cultural circles, leaders in our society committed to the cause of a better future for each child.


One hundred percent of the funds that would be raised will be invested in the innovative “I Play and Dream” program, which aims to promote children’s development and improve the relationship with their guardian or parent through play.


The event includes an art program featuring world-renowned Bulgarian artists. During the Evening, a traditional charity auction is held. It allow the guests to bid for valuable and attractive objects donated by celebrities, precious works of art, and many more.


Become a guest of the Evening of the Virtues 2017 so that together we would be able to strengthen the relationship of hundreds of children with the people closest to them and to create dreamers who are capable of fulfilling their dreams.


You can confirm your participation for the event by donating 150 leva (77 euro) here


It is mandatory to fill in the following fields: name, surname, phone, email, city, ZIP code, so that we can prepare and send your invitation.


As the event takes place in the evening, it is not suitable for people under 16 years.

Diplomatic partner


His Excellency Stavros Avgoustides, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Bulgaria

This year, the “For Our Children” foundation is honored to have His Excellency Stavros Avgоustides, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cyprus to the Republic of Bulgaria, as its exclusive diplomatic partner and ambassador of its vision, mission and values.


His Excellency Mr. Avgoustides has been supportive of the activities of our foundation for many years and has been a strong advocate on the matter of children rights.


The Evening of the Virtues Charity Gala is a long standing tradition in Bulgaria, with a loyal following of guests enjoying a great evening while supporting a good cause.


This year, the cause of the Evening of the Virtues 2017 is directly related to early childhood development, a subject that Mr. Avgoustides has paid a great deal of attention to, as it is an integral part of a democratic society.  


 „The first years in a child’s life are very important. Important mainly toward building the rest of their lives. Early Childhood development is vital to laying the foundations for formal education. The educational development and performance of our children depends largely on what happens in the first years of their lives and this is why it is highly important to have these projects for early childhood development – to create better education, more sustainable health social and economic conditions and outcomes and to increase revenue streams with a real and positive impact on the economy of the country and particularly on the prosperity of its people. ”

shares His Excellency Stavros Avgoustides.


Mr. Avgoustides took part in three consecutive editions of the Evening of the Virtues, donating his personal artwork to the charity auction. For this year’s auction, His Excellency donated a specially-made painting, “A Pigeon’s Dream”, as well as, a silver rosary, gifted to him by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew during his visit last year to Sofia.


And here is his message for the Evening of the Virtues 2017:

„The Evening of the Virtues is not just a charity. Rather, it is an investment in the right of every child to health services and education; an investment in the best quality of early childhood development for all children in Bulgaria. All guests and donors who will be present at the Evening of the Virtues need to realize their responsibility towards the development of the children of Bulgaria, as the development and prosperity of the country depends on that.”


This year’s Evening of the Virtues 2017 will be a delight for all of our guests’ senses.


  • Mario Hosen, also known as The Bulgarian Paganini, will take exclusive part in the program and will tell us a story with his violin that will reach into the deepest part of one’s soul.


  • With a wink and not at all as a game, Valery Ivanov – The Joker will demonstrate world-class level of the art of illusion and will make even the non-believers believe in magic.


  • The charismatic and deep voice of Miro will awaken dreams for emotional journeys.


  • Kalin Velyov and Funky Miracle will present a variety of styles – funk, rock, jazz, soul, fusion, with particularly outstanding rhythm and funky sounds!


  • Evening of the virtues will bring a lot of pleasant surprises: the guests will imperceptibly become musical stars which will recreate a very famous children’s song in a completely new arrangement and with an entirely new charge!


  • At the charity auction, hosted by the one and only Igor Markovski, the spotlight will be on many valuable works of art and objects with special history, such as a painting by Petar Michev, a vinyl, signed by EUROPE, a rosary – a gift from the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, as well as a number of unique experiences, donated by many old and new friends and partners of For Our Children Foundation.



“I am Elena Petrova – an actress and a mother! I adore my job! Without it, I would have been a sad person. The theatre is my temple, the stage – a confessional, my profession – a dedication!


The movie industry is my euphoria. I believe that every person needs a guide in their life, needs someone, who would find the best in him, bring it out and enjoy it, value it, develop it. I believe that everyone should make a revolution of their own. I like and believe in people, who have the ability to dream, people with warm hearts, people who keep their promises, who can forgive, people who prefer action to inaction, people who make dreams come true – theirs or someone else’s. Such people are a true inspiration.


I have been supporting, working and helping many child-oriented campaigns for a very long time now, because I cannot deny the child that lives in me. It brings me such pleasure that I have the opportunity to contribute to the Evening of the Virtues! I know that, as Peter Pan says, those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Those generous people are exactly those who bring the hope. Because good must be the master of one‘s heart!”

I am Kiril Efremov and I am an actor. The stage have captured me since I was a child and even now, after so many years, I still get excited every time I have to perform. For me, play is the way to see and get to know the world around me. My roles provoke me to research many important wordly wisdoms and give me the necessary room to experiment with myself and my own believes and confines.


One such wordly wisdom is that in order for there to be a healthy and moral society, a healthy and moral family is needed. And to build that family into a strong unit of the society, we need to put in a lot of effort, to be responsible for it, to nurture it.


I was touched by the “For Our Children” foundation’s cause and I am excited to be part of the Evening of the Virtues. Because I wholeheartedly believe that we must be the change we want to see in the world. Nobody chooses their ethnicity and parents, but  still owes respect and support to them and those people who are in need of a healthy and fulfilled life.


Mario Hossen

Mario Hossen


Mario Hossen is a world-renown Bulgarian violinist. He is also popular as the Bulgarian PaganiniAt the age of eight, he became a soloist at the Plovdiv Philharmonic. He graduated from the Vienna Music Academy and was awarded by the Austrian ministry of culture for high creative achievements. He played with the Orchestra da camera de La Scala di Milano, English Chamber Orchestra, Sofia Philharmonic. He worked with famous performers and pedagogues such as Gerard Pule, Yfrah Neaman, Ruggiero Ricci and others. He is the artistic director of the symphonic orchestra Camerata Orphica and the International Music Academy Orpheus, Vienna. He is the bearer of the 2015 Musician of the Year award from the Sofia Municipality and FM Classic radio.


“Art is a sensory bridge towards the Divine infinite thought – to be humane and compassionate is the realization that we are all guests in this determined world with a certain mission. Let us be real and grateful for what we are given, and let us be aware of the moment and look at the Divine. We have the free will to make decisions!”






Miro has been in love with music ever since he was a child. At the age of 6 he started playing the piano, at the age of 14 begins his winning streak at music festivals. By the time he is 18, Miro has won all prestigious national music festivals and a number of international ones.


In 1999 Miro and Galina Kurdova find a project, later called “Karizma”, which marks a skyrocketing success. In the matter of 7 years, “Karizma” releases all in all 7 singles but they are all national hits.


In 2007, Miro begins his career as an independent artist, a year later releases his album “oMIROtvoren”, which becomes Bulgaria’s best-selling pop album of the decade, together with “Ecclesiast”.

Kalin Velyov

Kalin Velyov

Musician, drummer, percusionist

Kalin Velyov is a famous Bulgarian musician, drummer and percussionist. When he was 10 years he became the drummer of “Pim-Pam”, a children group with band leader Boris Karadimchev. Kalin Velyov graduated from the Music School “Lubomir Pipkov”. He was the first drummer of the popular jazz-fusion group Akaga. Akaga is a studio band of the Bulgarian National Television and participated in all prestigious music festivals in the country. Together they participate twice in one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in the world – the one in Montreux, Switzerland. He has worked with some of the most popular faces in Bulgarian music – Lili Ivanova, Donny and Momchil, Nina Nikolina.



Kalin Velyov is committed to the cause of child development and well-being. In 2016 he was a participant in the Evening of Virtues; in August 2017 he was one of the ambassadors in the “Christmas at any time” campaign, and now he is again supporting the cause of the foundation that every child should happily live his childhood.

Funky Miracle

Funky Miracle

Funk and fusion band

Funky Miracle is a group set up in early 2012 by students of NMU “Lubomir Pipkov”. The style of the band is funk but Funky Miracle uses a variety of styles, elements that can be felt in different musical genres – rock, jazz, soul, fusion and more. The band participates in many club gigs around the country. It also has joint projects with a number of Bulgarian artists, as well as participation of music festivals in Bulgaria and abroad, such as: Spirit of Burgas, Brazzobrazzie, Orik Independent Artists, Apolonia, Sofia Film Festival, Coca-Cola Happy Energy Tour, Luxembourg Film Fest, Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival in Lithuania; TV Shows and Jamison Film Awards of the Year “,”The Comedians, “” The Show of Slavi “,” Night Birds, “etc. Currently, Funky Miracle is in the process of producing its first album, which includes ten tracks. The album should be released in the of 2017.


Band members:

Simeon Zhelyazkov – vocal

Georgi Stoykov – trumpet

Vladislav Michev – trombone / keyboards

Plamen Denchev – keyboards / vocals

Ilia Kolev – guitar

Euden Dimitrov – bass guitar

Rado Kazasov – percussion

Valeri Ivanov - The Joker

Valeri Ivanov - The Joker


He got into magic tricks at the age of 13, because, as he puts it, he carries “this thing” inside of him. “I mostly enjoy people’s smiles. They charge me and stimulate me to become even better!,” says the Joker himself.


He becomes famous as a street magician, but not long after that starts to practice it professionally because he believes that the illusionist art is at a world-class level in Bulgaria and could easily be a profession.


Valery is the first Bulgarian to achieve the dangerous descent from 35 meters, by walking on a wall – a trick, only ever attempted by the world-renown illusionist Dynamo.


In the last few years his fame in Europe and Asia spreads and he performs in various cities, from Paris to Macao. His style, skills, talent and mainly – his charisma, conquer both kids and adults, and bring hi performances success.


The Joker admits that besides the adrenaline and lots of hard work, his profession also brings him pleasant bonuses – magic tricks are very popular amongst women.

Special Good Doers

Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho

Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho

Writer, translator, screenwriter, director and producer

Ivan Angelov

Ivan Angelov


Charity Auction


Anthony Martial’s t-shirt from the national team


(provided by Atanas Furnadjev)


Martial is a striker of the French national football team. In 2015 he was transferred to Manchester United for 36m, which is the highest amount paid for a teenager in the history of football.


The Final Countdown album of the legendary band Europe

(with autographs of the band members)

(provided by Bulgarian Live Music)


During their last tour in 2017, the band had a concert in Sofia, as well. The band was in the original line-up, responsible for their success in 1986 when they were at the top-of all music charts with their album “The Final Countdown”.


Painting “Lost in the tenderness” by Peter Michev

(provided by the author)


Peter Michev’s paintings are owned by 30 museums and various celebrities around the world, including George Bush and Vladimir Putin. In addition to a picture placed in the Vatican Museum, another one of Michev’s work was also part of Pope John Paul II’s private collection.


Painting by Dolores Diliva


(provided by Forum gallery)


Works of Dolores Dilova adorn many galleries and private collections around the world. Dolores Dilova is the daughter of the artist Dilo Dilov – one of the most prominent representatives of impressionism in Bulgaria.

Photography by Lyubo Ignatov – “My vision of Bulgaria”

(provided by the author)


“Beautiful, old movie theater, where some wonderful films have been previously shown. It is now lonely and deserted, and is currently waiting for further disappointment. “

Photography by Lyubo Ignatov – “Apocalypse”

(provided by the author)

“Mankind is steering in the wrong direction.” Lyubomir Ignatov is a young photographer who presents the subcultures in Bulgaria through the view behind his photographic lens.


Maxim Behar’s Kindle


(provided by Maxim Behar)


The first Kindle of Maxim Behar, which features a collection of 300 books and music. Mr. Behar is President of the World PR Organization, Manager of M3 Communications Group Inc. and chairman of the Board of Trustees of For Our Children Foundation.

3 books “The Diary of the King – Liberator for the Liberation of Bulgaria”, Leonid Chichagovtulka


(provided by authorities of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria)


The books are a re-publication of the book of the same name issued in 1901 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria. The three copies are with a special message and an autograph by HE. Anatoly Makarov.


Silver coin – lucky golden rooster


(provided by BLD)


Collector’s coin depicting a lucky golden rooster on one side and the face of Queen Elizabeth II on the other.


Books with Hungarian culture


(provided by Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia)


The collection of books contains: an album of Hungarian graphic artists, 2 Lauren Atilla’s albums, 2 albums of Hungarian art masters in Bulgaria, 3 humorous books by Hungarian authors (translated into Bulgarian).


“Composition” a painting by Rositsa Getzova


(provided by Arosita Gallery)


Rossitsa Getsova’s works are owned by many hotels, theaters and restaurants in Sofia and the country, as well as in many institutional and private collections in Bulgaria, Greece, Canada, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, USA, Mexico, Belgium and France.


“The Dream of the Dove” by H.E. Stavros Avgoustides


(provided by the author)


The picture is made by His Excellency Stavros Avgoustides, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Bulgaria.


St. George’s icon by Stefka Nikolova


(provided by Radoslav Nikolov)


Icon depicting St. George – The Victorious.


Rosary by His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew I


(provided by H.E. Stavros Avgistidis)


The rosary is a present to the Ambassador of Cyprus to Bulgaria by His All Holiness the Archbishop of Constantinople – New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I during his official visit to Bulgaria in 2015.

Dinner for 10 people


(provided by the German Embassy)


Pre-Christmas traditional German dinner for 10 people at the residence of our Ambassador. A typical German Christmas dinner is duck with red cabbage and dumplings. For dessert f.e. the famous Nurnberger Stollen.

Cooking session with the Embassy’s chef – traditional Christmas cookies.


(provided by the British Embassy)


Cooking session with the Embassy’s chef at Ambassador Hopkins’ residence, with themes – traditional Christmas cookies. Bring up to 4 friends, enjoy a Christmas cooking session in the British Residence with a professional chef and take home a hamper of traditional UK festive treats.

Cooking lesson and a Dinner together with Chief Manchev


(provided by chef Ivan Manchev)


Chief Manchev will invite guests to his professional kitchen, to make a menu together, to cook and to have dinner together.

Ivan Manchev is a Bulgarian chef, restaurant owner, TV celebrity and author of books with recipes. He opened his first restaurant in 2003. Throughout the years, he managed to develop it as one of the most famous and preferred restaurants in Sofia. Meanwhile, together with chef Tokev, he established NAPC (National Association of Professional Chefs).

Traditional French lunch for two


(provided by the French Embassy)


This is your chance to taste authentic French cuisine in Sofia. This is a traditional French lunch for two, which will offer you to taste delicacies enjoy fine French cuisine and feel the French culture.

Porcelain bomboniere, a piece made by the Herde factory and an album with works of the factory


(provided by the Embassy of Hungary in Bulgaria)


The box for candies, also known as bombniere, is the product of the most famous porcelain factory in Hungary – Hered. At the World Exhibition in 1851 in London, Queen Victoria ordered a piece decorated with butterflies and floral elements for the royal court. Since then, the factory has been manufacturing “Victoria” sets. On the occasion of the birth of prince George in 2013, the Hungarian state made a present to the British royal family a set of porcelain pieces with a “Royal Garden” motif. This bomboniere has the same motif.

3 paintings, authored by Vladimir Velev


(provided by Vladimir Velev – gallery and antique shop “Velev”)


Vladimir Velev drew these paintings to offer them to his clients in his Antique Gallery – Velev Gallery. He donated them to For Our Children Foundation – the only paintings he had ever painted.

Tennis racket by Sesil karatancheva


(provided by the Sesil Karatancheva)


The tennis racket is extremely lightweight, comfortable and has improved shock absorption when during play. In 2005, Sesil Karatancheva was named one of the most prosperous tennis players in the world after winning Roland Garros in 2004, and in the two-year period (2004-2005) she climbed from 526 to 35 in the rankings of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

Mauro Orbini – The Kingdom of the Slavs


(provided by Silvia and Lyubomir Tsanov)


Written 400 years ago, Father Paisii worked with the Russian translation of the book „the Slavic Bulgarian History“. Issued by the Order of the Knights Templiers in a luxury edition in Bulgarian directly from the old Italian version. It was translated from the original! Contains original graphics, family trees, coats of arms, historical commentary. Unique for this copy is that there is a personal commitment from the Great Prior of the Great Priory in Bulgaria to the Order. Limited luxury edition.

Textile and ceramic work of art made by young people with specific needs of art group “Kitanova”


(provided by EO Dent)


The art group, headed by Tanya Kitanova, brings together boys and girls between 11 and 24 years of age. Some of them have different physical or mental disabilities, all of them create works that include a lot of love and friendship, as well as tradition and values.

Tanya Kitanova says: “The art we do not only unifies social and personal differences but also gives us the unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the other person.”

35-year-old malt whiskey from the Scottish Thamdu Distillery


(provided by Atanas Tsanov)


Color: Amber
Nose: coffee, raspberry cake, Modena balsamic, sweet jam, chocolate, wet wool, light smudges reveal over time. With added water: Changes to wet straw, mushrooms and green tea. Asparagus.
Taste: high-end sherry with many spices – all kinds of peppers, cloves; ginger biscuits; jam of red fruits. Too high-intensity palette. With added water: keeps the aromatic profile, but makes the whiskey more accessible. Plenty of spices.
Finish: very long in spices and fruit jam. Perfect for winter evenings.

Viennese afternoon snack for 5 people


(provided by the Embassy of Austria)


Enjoy a traditional Viennese afternoon snack that will enchant you with an aristocratic flavour.

Painting “Mothers”, by Lilyana Dicheva


(provided by Denitsa Sacheva)


The painting was made in 2001 by the famous Bulgarian artist Liliana Dicheva, who will turn 89 on October 25th. Wife of the writer Stefan Dichev. The cycle “Mothers” by Lilyana Dicheva was painted after the return to Bulgaria of her only son – a well-known culturologist who previously lived in Paris for years. It is dedicated to the mothers who send their children abroad and wait for their return.

Dinner for 4 people at the embassy with the ambassador of Azerbaijan


(provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan)


With this invitation, you will be able to enjoy the hospitality and personal attitude at the Azerbaijan residence. H.E. Nargiz Gurbanova and her team will present objects and customs typical of the Azerbaijani people. The guests will have the pleasure of enjoying traditional Azerbaijani dishes.

3 crystal mugs


(provided by H.E. Rumiana Mitreva, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Norway)


The mugs were hand-made in Norway in the 1980s. They were presented to members of the Bulgarian delegation accompanying Peter Tanchev during his visit to Norway in late 1988 in his capacity as Chairman of the Permanent Presence of the Bulgarian National Assembly and Deputy Chairman of the State Council of People’s Republic of Bulgaria. The legend says that they were left to Ambassador Ognyan Doynov to transport them to Bulgaria. The events of 11 November 1989 led to the urgent recall of the Ambassador Ognyan Doynov of Norway in the early 1990s. The mugs original number is unknown but three were left.

6 sketches of „Тhe Golden Apple“ animation, authors Petya Evlogieva and Stanislav Tsvetkov


(provided by Zmey Studio)


The production house behind “The Golden Apple” animation series is Studio Zmey. This is a team of young and experienced professionals in the field of animation and film art, united by a common idea – to make modern animation based on traditional Bulgarian folklore themes. Every episode of “The Golden Apple” follows the journey of the main characters through mystical landscapes, but they are all interconnected and linked to the main theme – the search of the mythical golden apple. The series will introduce the viewer to new and interesting world inspired by mythology and folklore that is unknown to the contemporary Western audience.

Basket with selected Israeli wines


(provided by the Embassy of Israel)


Selection of quality Israeli wines.

a Bohemia vase from the 1930s with enamel


(provided by Annie Salich)


This vase is among the favourite objects of one of the most popular television personalities – the head of the News presenter Annie Salich.

Books by Israeli authors accompanied by a bottle of Israeli wine


(provided by the Embassy of Israel)


A set of books written by Israeli authors, which includes a book by David Grossman, winner of numerous literary awards, among which the prestigious Man Booker Award for 2017. The books are accompanied by a bottle of defensive Israeli wine.

Partners and sponsors

General Partner and Host venue

SOFIA EVENT CENTER – SEC is hosting Evening of the Virtues 2017, our biggest charity event.


The multifunctional hall is one of a kind in Bulgaria and has been designed for a year by some of the best specialists in the field of organization and technical implementation of events.


SEC is the most suitable place for organizing a gala dinner for 400 guests and has a 360-degree design, created by the SEC professional team.

General sponsor


For yet another year a General sponsor of the biggest charity event of “For Our Children” foundation – Evening of the Virtues 2017 will be “Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech”. The company has been supporting us in the creation of the charity event for seven consecutive years, last year only we raised more than 170 000 BGN  for building a Complex for Early Childhood Development in the place of the former CSC ‘St.Sofia”.


Apart from the long years of partnering for creating Evening of the Virtues, “Dundee Precious Metals” also helps us make many of our dreams come true, such as the building of Children’s House, managing the foster care in Bulgaria and many more. Just for the first half of 2017, thanks to the company’s support and all of our corporative, institutional, and individual donors, we managed to support over a 1000 children, a number which makes the number of the families and children who we helped since the creation of the foundation exceed 10 000.


“Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech” has proved multiple times that they believe Bulgarian children are precious. The company is a key investor in supporting the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria and due to the sustainable relationship with them, we, from “For Our Children” foundation, are able to bring a positive change in the future of hundreds of children.


“The partnership between “Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech” and “For Our Children” foundation brings satisfaction not only to us, as a company. I believe that the result of it is mostly felt by the children. The children who left the institutions and found their own family, the children who receive care and attention from professionals every day, the families, which the foundation helped become more confident and better parents. Our trust in the team of “For Our Children” foundation and their  professionalism and  dedication to the cause every child to have a family grew and spread throughout the years”, shares the president of the “Health, Safety, Environment and Public Relations” department of “Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech”   Konstantina Gradeva – Vasileva.

Golden Sponsor


Golden sponsor of “For Our Children” foundation’s  biggest charitable event – Evening of the Virtues 2017, is “Sofiyska Voda”.


This year, the foundation and the company made a long-standing agreement, with which they shared their common values in the field of child welfare and mechanisms to jointly participate in the positive change in the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children and families.


Since 2011, the company has been supporting the cause of the foundation that each child should grow in a supportive and secure family environment. Donation boxes have been put in all offices and the  funds, collected from them, are invested in preventing child abandonment  in maternity wards. “Sofiyska Voda”  also took part in the foster parents’ campaign organized by “For Our Children” foundation and helped promote the national foster care phone line. As a result, over 500 people showed interest in becoming foster parents.


The “Sofiyska Voda” team is a traditional participant in our “This Christmas you make the miracles” campaign. The employees organize a charity lunch, the funds of which support the activities of our social services centers in Sofia and Plovdiv.


The company has also launched a several marketing campaigns with a cause, and this year it has distributed 160 000 flyers among its subscribers with information about our individual donors campaign in order to promote “Christmas at no time”.


“For Our Children” Foundation team is grateful to “Sofiyska Voda” for sharing our values, for their trust and long term support! Thanks to companies and employees who believe that every child has the right to a happy childhood, we manage to make a lasting positive change in the lives of hundreds of children and families each year.

Silver Sponsor


For yet another year, the Silver Sponsor of the biggest charity event of “For Our Children” Foundation – Evening of the Virtues 2017, will be our friends from Moto Pfohe.


The company has a long tradition in corporate responsibility and has proven that it shares our values in the field of child welfare. In 2014, the president of the company, Atanas Furnadjiev, handed over the keys to a brand new Ford Focus to our executive director Ivanka Shalapatova, which, for us, turned the gift into “The Car of Hope”. Thanks to the automobile company, for the last three years our specialists have been able to reach out to the most vulnerable children and families more quickly and easily in order to help them in moments of insecurity and concern. Besides “The Car of Hope, we also received many material donations from the employees. They donated diapers, clothes, toys, and other things, necessary to raise a child.


Moto Pfohe provided a unique Volvo mountain bike for the charity bidding of last year’s Evening of the Virtues, which contributed to the auction the sum of 2500 leva.


For this year’s Evening of the Virtues auction, Mr. Furnadjiev donated Antoni Marciail’s  t-shirt – a striker from the French national football team and the most expensive teenage transfer of 2015 and in the history of football.


We, from “For Our Children” foundation, are grateful for the loyal partners we have in Moto Pfohe’s face. We believe that with the help of such good – natured people, who recognize our values and believe that every child deserves a happy childhood, we will achieve a lasting positive change in the lives of hundreds of children and families.


Media Partners



Sofia Event Center
“Cherni Vrah” bld. 100,
1407, Sofia, Bulgaria


0887 070 279
02 / 980 70 58