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The Anniversary Edition of the Evening of Virtues 2019 is dedicated to the full development and the happy childhood for children from 0 to 7 years. The goal we have set is to support at least 800 young children and their families in the two early childhood development complexes in Sofia and Plovdiv – not only children at risk of separation from their birth families and children in foster and adoptive families, but also children whose potential and development are blocked by the invisible risks of our time such as parental alienation, poverty and social exclusion.


Our goal is to guarantee that more young children will be strongly encouraged in their development with the safety of the family, but also with intense stimulation, through which they are actively learning about the world around them and are unlocking their locked potential. Because we know that this is a key investment for the success of the children in our society, in their education and in their future employment.


For 10 years now, thanks to the Evening of Virtue, we have been making the impossible possible and proving that the change in Bulgaria can happen when there is will, energy, responsibility and awareness that it is up to all of us to transform the sadness in joy, loneliness in a sense of belonging, violence in support!

We succeed only because there are hundreds of people, our partners and friends, who trust us and with whom we share the responsibility to make a better, just and happy world for the children.


10 years after the first issue, our team and our large family of contributors believe that our common mission will continue until even just one child needs our support to have a happy childhood and a fulfilling family development.


Become a guest of the anniversary Evening of virtues 2019 so that we can change the fate of hundreds of children and families and create dreamers, capable of achieving their dreams.

The whole donation (150 BGN) will go to the cause we work for.

You can make a donation via bank transfer, cash on delivery or at the central office of For Our Children Foundation, address: 21 Gyueshevo, Serdika Sofia 1303.
Donor Account: BG32 RZBB 9155 1060 5337 67 

Please confirm your attendance until 30 September 2019:
phone: 0887 070 279 or at charity@detebg.org.


Iliyana Yotova

Vice President of Republic of Bulgaria

The problems of the most vulnerable groups, social issues and insecurities have always been in the centre of her work- as a journalist, as a Member of the Bulgarian and European Parliament. As a Vice President today, Iliyana Yotova has been dedicated to providing a better future for each Bulgarian.


“I support the cause of For Our Children Foundation because I am certain that taking care of our children is our most important mission, and because the good example is shaped by the people “who keep trying after everyone else has given up or no longer sees hope”.


Our achievements would have no value if we fail to provide Bulgarian children with safety, love and warmth, hope and faith, strong wings and brave dreams! To hold their hands and remain constantly by their side while they insecurely write the first pages of their life’s book. Thereby, they will be able to decisively complete the following ones.


The sunshine in children’s eyes is our most important aim. The fundraising initiative Evening of Virtues 2019 is teaching us that empathy, generosity and humanity are unforgotten values.”


Yoana Bukovska

Yoana Bukovska

Yoana is an actress, famous for her acting in a number of TV productions and theatrical plays. She owns a number of national and international awards

Daria Simeonova

Daria Simeonova

Daria graduated from studying Dramatic Theatre in the class of Prof. Atanas Atanasov at NAFAA. She is part of the Sofia Theatre Group, and she also acts at the Theatre Laboratory Sfumato. She participates in the Undercover and Stolen Life TV series.

“Having a child is a wonderful, but also a very difficult and responsible task. What For Our Children Foundation does in order to support children and their parents is amazing. And the fact they do it regardless the difficulties deserves respect. My participation in Evening of Virtues is my own way of expressing respect. Thank you!”



Antoaneta Dobreva- Neti is actress and singer, famous for her musical, theatrical, opera and film performances.

All causes are important and deserve support. However, when it comes to causes dedicated to children and their better future-whenever we can, we are ready and happy to participate!

Boyko Krastanov

Boyko Krastanov

He graduated from studying Dramatic Theatre acting in NAFAA and currently takes part in a number of plays, film productions and series. He won an Askeer Award in the Rising Star category.

Ivan Yurukov

Ivan Yurukov

Ivan Yurukov is an actor and producer of short films, famous for his role in the TV series Stolen Life, Bubblegum and many more theatrical plays and TV productions.



Dobrin Vekolov, better known as Doni- his artistic pseudonym, is a Bulgarian pop singer, songwriter and actor.


Mariana Popova

Mariana Popova

Mariana Popova is a pop singer, famous for her participation in Eurovision, and in the jury of The Voice of Bulgaria. She was awarded Best Singer and Best Lyrics by The Bulgarian National Radio for her song Can you hear me

I just believe in children!

Children's Choir

Children's Choir

The Children's Choir of the Bulgarian National Radio was established in 1960. Their repertoire includes more than 800 works from all epochs and styles. From the old masters to the contemporary Bulgarian and foreign composers, as well as choir works of Bulgarian and other folk songs.

Ballet Arabesque

Ballet Arabesque

Arabesque Ballet, established in 1967, is the sole ballet company in Bulgaria with a real prestige for the contemporary staging, based on the unconventional trends in the field of modern dance. They have over a 100 performances in their repertoire.

Dimitar and Hristo

Dimitar and Hristo

Dimitar Atanasov and Hristo Mladenov are finalists in the fourth season of The Voice of Bulgaria who impressed everyone with their interpretation of the song “Tired Wings”. The guests of Evening of Virtues will have the chance to hear it live at the event.

Lyudmil Angelov

Lyudmil Angelov

Lyudmil Angelov was born in a family of musicians and started playing piano when he was only 6 years old. He is establisher and artistic director of the International Music Festival in Toledo, as well as a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Creative Good Doers

Igor Markovski

Igor Markovski

Host of the Charity Auction

The only thing we cannot buy is time. From the stolen moments of the silent timelessness I was collecting one word each year from Vanya Shalapatova throughout all these years. Each one of her words was a tear. A tear of hope, love, elevation, yearning, humility, sorrow . I keep them within myself.

Dimitar Kotsev

Dimitar Kotsev

Writer, translator, screenwriter, director and producer

Do you remember when you first met your parents, brothers, sisters and your closest relatives? There is no way you can remember because they have always been part of your life. After so many years I do not remember how I met For Our Children Foundation. Because for a long time now, I feel part of their family.

Ivan Angelov

Ivan Angelov


Charity Auction

Painting: “Lost in Love”

Provided by Petar Michev

Author: Petar Michev

Size: 30 x 30

Painting: Seaside Landscape

Provided by the Minister Biser Petkov and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Author: Sabina Daneva

Size: 40 х 40

3 Tandem skydiving from 4200m height

Provided by Skydive Sofia

Five-course dinner for 6 people

Provided by chef Anri Donno and Culinary Academy HRC

Double- sided embroidery on “Peony” silk

Provided by His Excellency Dong Xiaojun, Ambassador of Republic of China in Bulgaria 

Painting: “Summer Forest”

Author and donor: Leith Ridley

4 First-day envelopes and a postcard with a  jubilee post stamps from the Bulgarian Post Station in Antarctica

Donated by Prof. Hristo Pimpirev

Sculpture “Archangel Michail”

The sculpture is specifically created for Evening of Virtues 2019. 

Author and Donor: Angel Karvlanov 

Evening cocktail in the British Residence and two tickets for the Bulgaria- England football game 

Provided by Her Excellency Emma Hopkins, British Ambassador in Bulgaria

Painting: Before Twilight 

Author and donor: Isus Rusev

Painting: Confession

Author and Donor: Mihail Lalov

Painting: Angel’s Message

Author and donor: Yulia Bankova

3 Limited Photobooks 


Omar Havana – Endurance (with an autograph from the photographer and dedication to Bernardo Bertolucci)

The Unraveling -Marcus Bleasdale

Provided by Svetlana Bahchevanova, photojournalist, writer and publisher

Antique Porcelain Vase with traditional motives

Provided by His Excellency Dr. Hasan Ulusoy, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Bulgaria

Traditional dinner for 6 people in the Indonesia Residency in Bulgaria

Provided by Her Excellency H.E. Sri Astari Rasjid, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Bulgaria

Picture: The Amazon

Painter: Diera Marques 

Provided by Ana Maria Sampaio Fernandes Ambassador of Brazil to the Republic of Bulgaria

Icon “Saint George the Victorious” and Icon “St Marina”

Author: Stavri Kalinov 

Provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Jeroboam wine is a three-litre bottle. It is manually bottled with French wax which allows for it to be preserved for a long time. There are only 10 bottles from this wine.

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