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Evening of the Virtues 2020

Evening of the Virtues 2020 will be special because we will bring together visionaries, philanthropists and investors in the early childhood development. We will gather in one place people with whom we will create a better future for our children! 

The fascinating program of the Evening will take you through the different levels of the development of For Our Children Foundation and it will create our vision for the next few years. Together with us as a host of the traditional charity auction again will be the incredible Igor Markovski. This year our youngest donators will share why are they supporting other children and what are their dreams for a better world. 

2020 is a difficult year for everyone. We faced a lot of challenges, but we assume to save the humanity, to help each other, and to stay together. We are inviting you to continue with the good deeds on the 12th of November from 19:30 in Sofia Event Center. 

Your children (over 14 years old) are welcome to the Evening to become a part of your example for empathy and care! 

100% of the price of the cover charge (200 leva) is donation for the cause of the Foundation. You may pay it through bank transfer, cash on delivery or directly at the central office of For Our Children Foundation – Sofia, Gyueshevo Str. 21 

IBAN BG32 RZBB 9155 1060 5337 67 

Ground: Evening of the virtues 2020 

Please confirm your presence by the 6th of November 2020 at tel. 0884 196 076 or at charity@detebg.org 

The event will have a limited number of guests, and all anti-epidemic measures will be observed! 


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Creative Good Doers

Igor Markovski

Igor Markovski

Host of the Charity Auction

The only thing we cannot buy is time. From the stolen moments of the silent timelessness I was collecting one word each year from Vanya Shalapatova throughout all these years. Each one of her words was a tear. A tear of hope, love, elevation, yearning, humility, sorrow . I keep them within myself.

Dimitar Kotsev

Dimitar Kotsev

Writer, translator, screenwriter, director and producer

Do you remember when you first met your parents, brothers, sisters and your closest relatives? There is no way you can remember because they have always been part of your life. After so many years I do not remember how I met For Our Children Foundation. Because for a long time now, I feel part of their family.

Ivan Angelov

Ivan Angelov


Charity Auction

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