“Family Bread Making” or the art of making bread

By 25/03/2019News

During the weekend, before one of the brightest Christian celebrations – The Annunciation, “For Our Children” Foundation organized the first “Family Bread Making” for some of our donors and their children.


Why “Family Bread Making”? Bread accompanies people throughout their entire life – from early age to the end. It’s a symbol of the family. To knead bread, to respect the traditions and to respect the bread – a lesson, which is transmitted from grandmother to granddaughter, from mother to daughter. Bread is a magical connection between generations. Bread and its making unite the small and “the big” children. Every bread is an independent piece of art. The old bread masters say that the recipe for a nice homemade bakery includes mastery but mostly desire, a good heart and a pinch of love. These are also some of the most important “ingredients” you need to be a good person.


In order to thank our most dedicated donors for the trust and support, we invited them and their children to spend their Saturday in a less traditional way – by kneading bread. In addition to baking delicious dough products, with our sleeves rolled up, we were drawing beautiful paintings with flour together – we also played a crumbling theater, which was really interesting for the children. We were telling different stories – for example, when was our last time when we did something good for a stranger, we tried to find out the answer of the question “What helps us do or what stops us from doing good things?” And of course – we dreamed for all of the future occasions in which together we’ll be helping a lot of children to have a sunny and a happy childhood.