Finding Strength Despite Everything

By 23.05.2020Blog

This is a story about a mother who overcame many challenges in her life but also achieved a lot for herself and her baby.


Everything started last summer when after a signal from а health mediator, I visited the neonatological ward where Maria has just given birth. The young mother was desperate and worried about the future of her child because she had no home or ability to take care of her newborn child. During the pregnancy she used to live with her partner and her older 2-years old daughter in an abandoned building with no windows or doors. Her worries do not stop here. Her partner apparently had many downsides – theft, drugs and he was often physically aggressive towards her.


Maria was facing the dilemma between her mother’s duty and the unsolvable problems in her life. At that moment my support was key so that the separation between the mother and the newly born Oleg would not happen. While we were talking Maria shared with me that she was very worried that she has no home where to take care of her child. She was scared that if she returns to the children’s father, she can also start walking on the way of addictions.

A huge contribution to the decision of Maria’s decision to keep Oleg was her mother’s proposal to accept them in her home.


Shortly after that, Maria’s mother died from a serious illness. This was another serious challenge for the stability of the young woman. Then, Maria’s grandmother started helping her to take care of the children. Even though, she had serious health issues, she still took care of Maria’s children.


At that difficult moment the young mother needed serious support and trust which I provided through often visits to her home. We spoke and I encouraged her to share with me, to know that despite everything, she is not alone and there is someone she can rely on.


But everything that has happened made the mother vulnerable and unstable. She was wandering between the mother’s responsibilities and the easy way of addictions that her partner was pushing her into. It was a moment of strong emotions and mixed feelings. She was running away to meet the children’s father and she was returning with scars from physical violence.


After some time passed, she realized that the true love between a man and a woman is incompatible with physical violence and indifference towards the children.

The great grandmother of the children approached what was happening devotedly and patiently. The death of Maria’s mother had a strong influence on her realization that the most important thing for her is the children, and she needs to be by their side all the time. I was also by her side all the time and she knew she could count on me about everything. She trusted me.


During the state of emergency, we often spoke on the phone, I was giving her advice about how to protect herself and her children from the new virus spreading around the country.  After the end of social isolation, we renewed our meetings. In order to respond to the most urgent needs of Maria and the children, we provided them with material support, which additionally stimulated the young mother to continue fighting in the name of her children.


The overcoming of all these difficulties and challenges made Maria a devoted to her children’s mother.


The life that awaits her would not be easy but the most difficult was already behind her back. It was important for Maria that her children are by her side, that she learned from her inconsiderate behavior and the mistakes made her stronger.


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