Five childhood Rescuers were nominated by For our children foundation

By 12.11.2019News

The cause of “For our children” foundation  for happy childhood is possible, due to the support we receive from our adherents. This year we nominated five people, who adherent for every child growing in a family in the initiative “Childhood rescuers” of the “National foster care association. They are nominated for their contribution for the development of foster care in Bulgaria in three categories.


Galina and Aleksei Angelovi nominated in category “Foster parent” are foster parents from 2012 to today. They have two grown up daughters, which is up to some point the reason, the family candidates for foster care. For Galya foster care is not a job but something she has dedicated herself, her home, her life. She has taken care of five foster children up to now and will continue to do so.  She doesn`t accept that she`s looking after “someone else`s” children. If we have to quote them: “This word can`t be used at all – they become just as your own, without any difference. Through the past 7 years I understood, that when you’re looking after your child you always put in it your future, your hopes, you make plans subconsciously. When you`re looking for foster children I give the best of me in the moment and I know they have their on way. I understand as individuality myself and the child – the child knows why it has come to this world and I am just part of its way. Looking at these children, I grew wiser. You don`t build their future you know they have their own and they walk towards it. That is the only difference between “your” and the “foster” child” says Galina Angelova.

She speaks fascinatingly, has a soft voice, she expresses herself skillfully and intelligently. The way she treats the children is the same – gentle, positive and full of love.


Dr. Iskra Yancheva, nominated in category “Doctor” was director of HMSCC and in almost in all of her professional way she has worked with abandoned children in her role of a pediatrician. From 5 years she has been supporting the team and the foster families of the Foster care center of “For our children” foundation as an outsource specialist – pediatrician. With every planned, by emergency or from the maternity ward placement of a child in a foster family Dr. Yancheva gives a home visit to the foster home in 24 hours within the child`s arrival in order to examine the child and to consult the foster parents in matters of health care, feeding and regime of the child. When the placement is urgently, she consults the foster parents through phone and gives home visits. The foster parents rely on her for reading medical documents and case histories as well.  Kind with a very warm behavior towards the children. Dr. Yancheva`s support during the first hours of the placement is extremely valuable for the foster families. They give feedback that they even rely more on her expert opinion more than they rely on their family doctor. She gives them practical advices and guidelines for every case individually.


Lilyana Karadjova nominated in category “Foster parent” is a professional foster parent from 2013. Until 2017 she looked after a foster child with specific needs who has successfully been adopted in the end of 2017. After the adoption of the child, Lili changes her profile and from the middle of 2018 she is a foster parent who only gives respite foster care. What motivates Lili to give such type of care is that when she looked after a child long term she needed respite foster care and knows how important is for the foster families to have this opportunity. In Sofia there is no other parent with such profile. For one year, the foster parent has given respite foster care to 6 children – two of the children are accommodated by their biological families and the other 4 by foster families.




Diana Rinkova, nominated in category “Social worker” , works with the problems of abandoned children for over 20 years.  She has started her professional way in HMSCC “St. Sofia”  as a rehabilitator and a social worker in the end of the 90s and from 2017 is part of the team of “For our children” foundation as a social worker in the Foster care center. She has a wide experience as a therapist and rehabilitator of children with difficulties in the development; she has an excellent expertise and is a big support to foster families who look after children with difficulties as a social worker as well as rehabilitator. For one of the foster children, who she supports as a social worker, Didi Rinkova is taking care of a rehabilitator two times a month, because the children is with many disabilities. She helps the child with massage of the limbs, passive gymnastic, movement, postural drainage.


Another foster child, who Didi supports is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. His foster mother has shared that the advices and the guide, which she has given has made her feel much more confident and successful in the cares of a child with disease. The care for foster children with special needs is not an easy task for foster families as well as for supportive specialists. Specialized and deep knowledge for childhood development are required and specialists like Didi Rinkova are priceless for us as a team and believe for foster families and children as well.


The awards “Childhood rescuer” are given every year to people, who have contributed for the development of foster care in Bulgaria. This year`s awarding ceremony  will  be on the 15th of November 2019 in “Blakan” hotel, Sofia.


We wish luck to the nominated Childhood rescuers!