For Our Children Foundation Experts gained new knowledge and experience from over 60 countries worldwide

By 27/06/2019News

Our colleagues Viara Panayotova, Social Services Specialist at the St. Sofia Centre for Public Support, and Dobroslava Stoilova, Projects and Social Work Expert, participated in the international conference Improving the well-being of young children and their families held in Leiden, the Netherlands. The forum was organized by the ISSA, whose member For Our Children Foundation has been since 2016 and who gathers experts from over 60 countries worldwide. Over 400 professionals from the sector exchanged knowledge, experiences and practices in the field of early childhood development.


The 21st-century novelties of childcare at an early age and the inclusion of fathers in the care of children were among the workshop topics developed during the conference. Discussed were the opportunities for development and improvement of services for early childhood development. The focus was on supporting, facilitating, and stimulating parents in caring for their children, especially during the first 1000 days after the birth of the child.


Unique technology allowed the forum participants to go back in time and see the world through a child’s eyes. They learned how to overcome the daily challenges imposed by the world surrounding them; they learned how to walk, go around or jump over little milestones perceived as serious obstacles.


The Day Care Center in The Hague and Leiden’s Kindergarten opened their doors to the guests. Thus, we had the invaluable opportunity to get in touch with the people working there and exchange best practices.



The knowledge and experience gained during the conference will be implemented by our team in our work with the children and families supported by the Foundation.