For Our Children Foundation starts a program for regular donations to support children at risk and their families

By 28.04.2020News

Within the state of emergency situation For Our Children Foundation is working with its full capacity to continue supporting the families in need. Families of children with developmental difficulties face serious challenges as they do not have access to rehabilitation and recovering therapies, children from poor families who do not have access to online education and often their only meal is the one at school, children of parents who have lost their job and are stressed because of the fear about their future and survival.


The Foundation’s specialists – psychologists, family consultants, social workers continue to be in contact with children and families at risk. The aim is to respond to their most urgent needs of material support, to be consulted and supported in order to decrease the levels of stress so that they can be calmer while taking care of their children. The consultations and practical advice during the current situation happen over the phone or via video conversations.


In order to continue supporting 1400 children and families every year, For Our Children Foundation has once again started its program for regular donators Re:Giver. Thus, everyone can become part of the process of change within children at risk’s lives, so that they can live in a secure family environment, have access to quality social services, and develop their full potential.


Everyone can participate in the program by becoming a regular donator contributing with a small sum of money of their choice every month.

Re:Givers will receive monthly feedback in order to familiarize themselves with the change within the lives of the children and parents that we work with. With the donations, children with developmental difficulties as well as families that experience difficulties as a result of the state of emergency will be supported. The monthly support will provide the needed “Baby” packages (nappies, adapted milk, baby cosmetics, and clothes) to single parents and families in need, rehabilitation to children with disabilities, hope for the families who experience difficulties to provide everything that their children need.


Join the donation community of For Our Children Foundation, so that every child can grow up happy and loved in a family.


Learn more about the program and become a Re:Giver HERE.