For our children foundation won 1st place for Sustainable development in a competition with sixty organizations

By 21.11.2019News

Another acknowledgement for the support we give children and the high results we achieve in our work. In competition with 60 organizations “For our children” foundation won a distinctive mark in “Sustainable development” on the awards “I guarantee happy childhood” of the State agency for child protection”.


The award, which is an acknowledgement for the quality and sustainability of our services in support of the children and the families, was given to our deputy executive director Mariana Taseva personally from the Minister of Labor and Social policy Mr. Biser Petkov.


In the last three years, the foundation introduced an integrated health-social way towards the care for children at an early age in three hospitals and three social services in Sofia and Plovdiv. The award is a valuation for our work and prevention from the abandoning of newborns in maternity departments. The experts from the foundation worked on 406 signals for risk of abandoning. In 70% of the cases the children stayed with their families.


Our work within the program “Family support and secure care” prevented the separation between children and their families in 1222 cases. In the last five years we created conditions for improvement in 488 children with difficulties in the development and disabilities within our program “Early childhood intervention”. Our practice was included in the new collection “Strengthening the Family: An Eastern Europe Best Practice Collection” of the international organization Save the Children.


In our work with foster parents we apply “Standards for good practice for foster care” , for the last 5 years we supported 281 foster placements so that more children can grow surrounded by care and attention.


Our Family type placement center “Children`s house” ensures family environment and professional individual care for every child. Like that for every baby for who our specialist take care in the “Children`s house” despite care, walks, games, pool visits, theaters, and celebration of personal holidays like birthdays are organized.  By doing this we continue our guided efforts for the youngest children to develop, surrounded by love until the moment in which they meet their real families.





The awards “I guarantee happy childhood” are organized for the second consecutive year from the “State agency for child protection”. During last year’s ceremony  “For our children” foundation received a second position award in category “Sustainable development”.