R. Koshkov: for the Bulgarian business it is not difficult to fully build such Complex, if it unites

By 25.03.2020News

Dear friends, in a moment when the entire world is facing the challenge of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic, we at For Our Children Foundation, continue to work, even though it is distantly, to provide support for children and their families. We believe that together, we will overcome this crisis and come out stronger, with even more effective measures to support the early childhood development of the children. We do not give up and continue to seek support for the establishment of an Early Childhood Development Complex in Plovdiv. Today we present you with one of the first firms that believed in our mission.


Radoslav Roshkov, regional manager of Schneider Electric Bulgaria

Schneider Electric Bulgaria EOOD decided to donate part of the needed electric materials which will help us to transform part of the former home for children Rada Kirkovich into welcoming rooms where the Complex will be situated. Here is what Radoslav Koshkov, regional manager of Schneider Electric for Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, shared with us.


How did you learn about the initiative of For Our Children Foundation to create an Early Childhood Development Complex, and what made you support it?

As a big company we have established relationships with many non-governmental organisations and we are familiar with their main projects. For Our Children Foundation is no exclusion – we are happy that we can use what we are strong in, in order to support the creation of such Complex.


What would you say to the people who are hesitating about whether to stand behind the cause of creating an Early Childhood Development Complex?

I think that, if united, for the Bulgarian business it would not be difficult to even fully build such Complex – everyone could provide materials from their portfolio. This is financially very effective donation method. Of course, this does not remove the need for fundraising, but practically the process of building the Complex could be entirely ensured through this method.


Tell us about the priorities in the social responsibility and sustainability policies of Schneider Electric Bulgaria.

First of all, Schneider Electric is a green company – our technologies are oriented towards achieving maximal effectiveness of energy and of equipment of our clients. Moreover, we adhere to the green principal in our own work too – we have a clear program for the reduction of our carbon mark world wide. This sets requirements for our offices and factories. An entire replacement of our automobiles with electric ones will take place by 2030.


In addition, we take place in different initiatives. For instance, in 2019 with our factory and the support of Schneider Foundation, we realized a big project supporting electrically-poor families.


People are key resource for the success of a business. The possibility of participating in social initiatives at the work place becomes a strong factor which motivates them to remain at the position they occupy.  Does Schneider Electric have a program for the involvement of the team as part of their corporate policy? What are the forthcoming activities for engaging the teams in Sofia and Plovdiv?

We have different practices for inclusion of the team – charity bazaars, opportunities for voluntary participation in our donation initiatives – with financial support, labour or personal time. Still, we do not want to force anyone into in – we demonstrate the concern and engagement of the company which makes people happy and encourages them to participate as well.


Do you think that every company needs to be socially responsible?

Absolutely yes. Furthermore, I think that all companies can be. The successful way to do it may vary but everyone has something to contribute with. If this becomes the common way of thinking, the society will feel real change.


More information and new about the Complex can be found HERE.