For our children foundation collaborating with Equlibrium association presented an article dedicated to the Global scale for early development during a working seminar in Ruse

By 17.10.2019News

The article was presented before professionals working with children, medical specialists, social services managers and representors of Ruse municipality as part of a foundation “For our children”`s project aiming for wider spread of science literature in the area of early child development in Bulgarian language.


The global scale for early child development is worked out as a widely applied instrument, which will allow grading and marking the condition for early child development worldwide. This way every state will possess an adequate method for tracing the improvement in relation for the goals in early child development. Such an instrument will help the more effective use of the existing programs which will extra stimulate the political engagement for investing in early child development worldwide which has never been so strongly declared as it is now.


After the presentation the participants divided in groups and discussed the difficulties with access to scientific literature in Bulgaria, the problems, which the specialists meet while tracing the early child development as well as the need of politics, based on proof.


Among the main problems, which stood out were the morally aged science publications which the specialist in universities use to train, the lack of coordination between institutions and the lack of investments in the quality of the working power in the area of early child development.


The participants were united around the thesis that a united vision on national level for the politics and works in relation to the early development, which will allow more coordinated and aimed actions of all interested sides, is needed. This way we will be able to create adequate conditions for work for the specialists and support for the parents as well as an appropriate community environment which will be maximally favorable for the children`s development.


The event was taken in Complex for social services for children and families of the Equlibrium association in Ruse and was facilitated from the program director of the association – Elena Petkova.


The project is financed as a part of the collaborated initiative of the International organization step by step ISSA and foundation „Bernard van Leer“ for building-up the scientific magazine Early Childhood Matters.


The full article can be found here.

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