Free consultations and seminars are carried out by For our children foundation during the National weeks of adaption

By 24.09.2019News

Foundation “For our children” is taking part in the National information weeks of adoption which are starting today and will last until the 12th of October. For six consecutive years the Foundation is a partner of the Bulgarian Association “Adopted and adopters”  – organizer of the information days. This year the focus of the information campaign is directed towards the challenges in raising adopted children, preparing the parents for this important role and the support of the social sector for the adoptive families. All of this is happening in the best interest of the children and protection of their rights.


Today during the forum “The voice of the adopted child” which marked the begging of the information campaign, the experience and the practice of the Foundation for selecting and supporting a candidate – adopters were presented by the family consultant of The Community Support Center “St. Sofia” Petya Yanachkova. During the forum the challenges of rating, the training and the after adoption observation accompanying the process of adoption were discussed.


Consultation, seminars and workshops


From today until the 12th of October the experts in the two centers for community support of the Foundation in Sofia will be available for the parents  for free consultations in manners connected to children`s development durong the age 0 to 7.

Foundation “For our children” is organizing two free full day seminars – on the 27th of September – Friday, for social workers and specialists on the subject of national adoption in Bulgaria and on the 4th of October – Friday for specialists working in kindergartens and schools on the subject “The adopted child and its integration in the environment of his coevals”.


During the National information days of adoption, the Foundation is organizing three workshops with free access.


The subject of the first which will be on the 1st of October / Tuesday/ from 18.00 to 20.00 o`clock is “Adoption – step by step”. The second workshop is on subject “Adopted children and their life before family” is on the 7th of October /Monday/ from 18.00 to 20.00 o`clock and the third workshop is on the 9th of October /Wednesday/ and is dedicated to the subject “How to speak with children for adoption”.


You can declare an hour for consultation, a part of a seminar or workshop on telephone 02/822 35 10.