From today, Kristiyan has his own real family

By 27.09.2019Blog

Today Kristiyan said goodbye to out “Children`s house”, we said goodbye to him, in order to send him in his real family. Krisi left with his new mom and dad.


Krisi came to us a few days after being born.  At the beginning, he was very thin, he suffered from the lack of the most important figure in his life – his mother. Although hard, these few months of his life, gave him endless love. Due to the love, attention, homemade food and the care of the childcare specialist in the “Children`s house” and the support of the psychologist from our Community Support Center he quickly started to overcome the challenges life welcomed him with. He reached his coevals, turned into a beautiful and loving child curious towards the surrounding world. With interest he studied the animals in the zoo, had real fun at the puppet show and many other experiences, which are part of the made from our colleagues coziness.


Together we overcame and enjoyed the first tooth, we cried from joy when he made his first steps. In the family of the “Children`s house” we celebrated with a lot of love, attention, gifts and of course cake his first birthday.


During his stay, we prepared him for the most important moment for him – the meeting with his foster parents. Only a month after they met, today Krisi left the ‘Children`s house” with mom and dad.


We are sure that in his real family Krisi will grow surrounded by love, care and attention, and the most waited and happy moments will always accompany his family.